How much oil does a Honda GX25 take?

What kind of gas does a Honda GX25 take?

Automotive-grade unleaded gasoline
Achieves top-of-class fuel economy and oil consumption. Oil-immersed timing belt reduces mechanical noise….●Specifications.

Model Name GX25
Fuel Type Automotive-grade unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 0.55
Fuel Consumption (g/kW-h [g/PS-h]) 340(250)

How many cc is a Honda GX25?

25 cm3 35.8 cm3

GX25 GX35
Engine Type Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC
Bore x Stroke 35 mm x 26 mm 39 mm x 30 mm
Displacement 25 cm3 35.8 cm3
Net Power Output* 1.0 hp (.72 kW) @ 7,000 rpm 1.3 hp (1.0 kW) @ 7,000 rpm

How much oil does a Honda GX25 take?

What Oil Is Used In A Honda Gx25 Engine?

GX25 GX35
Oil Capacity 2.7 US oz (80cc) 3.4 US oz (100cc)
Fuel Unleaded 86 octane or higher Unleaded 86 octane or higher
Fuel Tank Capacity .61 U.S. qt (0.58 liter) 0.67 U.S. qt (.63 liter)
Dry Weight 6.8 lb (2.7 kg) 7.6 lb (3.3 kg)

Where is the Honda GX25 engine made?

The Honda GX25 engine is now Made in Thailand.

What is the smallest engine Honda makes?

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. recently launched the all-new GX25 mini four-stroke engine. With a displacement of 25 cubic centimeters and weighing only 2.78kg (6.1 pounds), the 360o inclinable GX25 is the lightest and most compact e…

What oil goes in a 4-stroke engine?

The standard oil used for 4-stroke engines found on petrol lawnmowers is grade SAE 30. Synthetic variations include SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30. These offer enhanced performance and higher level of protection however cost more.

How much compression should a Honda GX35 have?


TYPE 4-stroke, overhead cam, single-cylinder, horizontal shaft
BORE & STROKE 39 x 30 mm (1.5 x 1.2 in)
DISPLACEMENT 35.8cm3 (2.2 cu in)

What is a 4-stroke Honda?

2-stroke engines rely on gas or air to carry a thin oil film to critical components. 4-strokes bathe every internal component in oil for consistent lubrication. This design also helps cool engine components, which improves durability.

What is the capacity of a GX25 engine oil?

Engine oil capacity: GX25: 0.08 L (2 US oz, 0.07 lmp qt) GX35: 0.10 L (3 US oz, 0.09 lmp qt) GX50: 0.13 L (4 US oz, 0.11 lmp qt) Running the engine with a low or excessive oil level can cause engine damage. This type of damage is not covered by the Distributor’s Limited Warranty.

How to install the GX25 and gx35?

GX25 : Appuyer sur l’ergot et l’enfoncer profondément pour enlever la jonction d’air chaud [1] du boîtier du filtre à air. GX35 : Déposer la jonction d’air chaud du boîtier du filtre à air en tirant vers soi. 4. Déposer le tube à air chaud avec la jonction installée dessus. Ranger avec soin les pièces déposées dans un endroit approprié.

What is the weight of a gx25t?

Description code GX25T GX25NT GCALT GCART Length×Width×Height 198×221×230 mm (7.8×8.7×9.1 in) Dry mass [weight] 2.90 kg (6.39 lbs) Engine type 4-stroke, overhead camshaft, single cylinder Displacement [Bore×Stroke] 25.0 cm3(1.53 cu-in) [35.0×26.0 mm (1.4×1.0 in)] Net power (in accordance with SAE J1349*)

What is a gx50 exhaust?

GX25 • GX35 • GX50 The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The illustrations in this manual are based on the GX50. • The illustrations may vary according to the type.