Where is La Grave?

The village of La Grave is high in the mountains 40 kilometres north-west of Briancon. Because of the mountains opposite the village it is also known as La Grave – La Meije, and it is these imposing mountains around the village that make it so scenic.

Is La Grave the ultimate freeskiing destination?

Recognizing La Grave’s potential as an unrivaled freeskiing destination, the Swedish-born Lang moved to La Grave in the late eighties and opened the Skier’s Lodge, a cozy CMH-meets-Alta’s-Peruvian-style hotel. Once settled, Lang began marketing La Grave to magazines, travel agencies, and other ski bums as a skier’s Shangri-La.

What to do in La Grave?

In the centre of La Grave there is a roman style church built in the 12th century, although much modified over the centuries, next to a Chapel of Penitents Blancs and a cemetery. This ensemble has various elements of interest such as the porch and entrance to the church.