Health & Wellness

What benefits does General Motors offer?

Health & Wellness

  • Flexible health insurance options including dental and vision.
  • Pretax Health Savings Account and/or Flex Spending Account.
  • Tobacco-free discount and tobacco cessation program.
  • Wellness program, including health coaching and wellness rewards.
  • Life and disability benefits.

Who manages GM 401k?

Managed by Fidelity. 100% match of 4% employee contributions, plus an additional automatic 4% contribution from company. Pretty standard as far as 401ks go.

How much is a GM pension?

For decades, G.M.’s blue-collar workers have earned pensions with two components. The first is the “basic benefit,” currently about $1,590 a month, or $19,000 a year, for an auto worker with 30 years’ service.

Do General Motors retirees have life insurance?

Once Prudential takes over payment and administration of your SRP benefit, your GM retiree life insurance premiums will no longer be deducted from your monthly payments and you will need to make premium payments directly to MetLife in order to continue your coverage.

Does GM offer tuition assistance?

General Motors (GM) Tuition Assistance Tuition assistance is offered but don’t think it’s as good as other large engineering companies. Give a decent amount towards further education. General Motors does have a good tuition assistance program. great benefits for you to have.

How much do GM employees pay for health insurance?

GM offers hourly employees what’s known as “gold-plated” insurance. Employees currently pay about 3 percent of their annual health-care costs.

What happened to GM retirees benefits?

According to an article in the Star-Telegram, General Motors’ retirees will lose dental and vision coverage and be forced to pay higher healthcare co-payments starting in July due to the GM bankruptcy.

Do GM employees get stock?

More than 600,000 U.S. and Canadian employees and retirees are eligible to participate in the direct stock purchase plan. Employees, retirees and dealers are being offered the chance to buy reserved shares of GM stock at the public offering price during the company’s initial public offering, GM said on Oct.

How many years do you have to work at GM to get a pension?

A GM employee qualifies for company paid pensions if she has reached 55 years of age and has completed at least 10 years of service to the company. The amount of pension paid varies depending on several factors, including position with the company, length of service and annual salary at the time of retirement or death.

Do pensions end at death?

If the member had already retired, the pension payments may either end at the member’s death (referred to as a single-life pension) or they may continue to pay benefits to a beneficiary in a reduced amount (referred to as a joint-life or survivor pension).

How long do you have to work at GM to get a pension?

What is a GM Pep car?

PEP stands for “Product Evaluation Program. It’s a GM program where vehicles are driven by senior level GM managers for three months for evaluation. At the end of the three months they are offered for sale to GM employees at a discount less than GMS depending on how many miles are on it.