There are many ways to compare files from two different branches:

How do I compare files in two git branches?

There are many ways to compare files from two different branches:

  1. Option 1: If you want to compare the file from n specific branch to another specific branch: git diff branch1name branch2name path/to/file.
  2. Option 2: Simple way: git diff branch1:file branch2:file.

How do I compare two files in different branches?


  1. Compare two different files in two different branches: git diff branch_a:file_a.
  2. Compare a file with another version of itself in another commit git diff HEAD:file.
  3. Same as above, but the commit is denominated by its branch: git diff HEAD:file.

Can you git diff two files?

The git diff command displays the differences between files in two commits or between a commit and your current repository. You can see what text has been added to, removed from, and changed in a file. By default, the git diff command displays any uncommitted changes to your repository.

How do I diff two versions of a file in git?

For comparing two branches in Git, you simply run git diff .. . Of course, you can replace the current branch name with HEAD. Continuing from our previous example, commit those changes that were left uncommitted.

How do I compare two branches in Intellij?

Compare the current revision of a file with another branch

  1. Select a file in the Project tool window, and choose | Compare With Branch from the context menu.
  2. Choose the branch you want to compare the current file version with from the dialog that opens.

How do I compare two GitHub branches on desktop?

To compare the current branch/commit, press Ctrl+Shift+B or choose the option shown in the image below & then select the branch &/or commit to compare. Bonus: To compare in GitHub web, press Ctrl+Shift+C.

Can I rename a branch in git?

The git branch command lets you rename a branch. To rename a branch, run git branch -m . “old” is the name of the branch you want to rename and “new” is the new name for the branch.

How do you find the difference between two commits?

To see the changes between two commits, you can use git diff ID1.. ID2 , where ID1 and ID2 identify the two commits you’re interested in, and the connector .. is a pair of dots. For example, git diff abc123.. def456 shows the differences between the commits abc123 and def456 , while git diff HEAD~1..

How can I compare two files in IntelliJ?

Press Ctrl+Shift+A and start typing to locate the Open Blank Diff Window action. Paste any text you want to compare in the left and right panels.

How do I view Git Diff in IntelliJ?

IntelliJ IDEA allows you to review all changes made to the project sources that match the specified filters. For distributed version control systems, such as Git and Mercurial, you can view project history in the Log tab of the Version Control tool window Alt+9 (see Investigate changes in Git repository).

How to view file diff in Git before commit?

Using git diff$git diff 6680c1b29ea79bf33ac6bd31578755c7c514ed3e^6680c1b29ea79bf33ac6bd31578755c7c514ed3e//or$git diff 6680c1b29ea79bf33ac6bd31578755c7c514ed3e^!

  • Using git diff-tree$git diff-tree -p 6680c1b29ea79bf33ac6bd31578755c7c514ed3e
  • Using git show$git show –color –pretty=format:%b 6680c1b29ea79bf33ac6bd31578755c7c514ed3e
  • How to compare files from two different branches?

    git diff mybranch master — myfile.cs. Or. git diff mybranch..master — myfile.cs. In the case of the second command, either side is head it may be omitted. Master..mybranch will compare master with mybranch. Thus, you can compare the files from two different branches.

    How to compare local and remote Git branches?

    git: Show difference between local and remote branches. Sometimes we need to know which files will be pulled to our working tree from the remote repository. To do that just run: The git fetch command will fetch all changes that happened in the origin. And the git diff will show us the differents files between our working tree and the remote.

    How can I diff two branches in GitHub?

    – Denotes that the file is present in the current branch but unavailable in the other branch. – Denotes that the file is modified and its content is different in the two branches – Denotes that the file is deleted from the current branch but is available in the other branch.