Definition of epicotyl : the portion of the axis of a plant embryo or seedling above the cotyledonary node.

What does epicotyl mean?

Definition of epicotyl : the portion of the axis of a plant embryo or seedling above the cotyledonary node.

What is epicotyl and hypocotyl?

An epicotyl, which extends above the cotyledon(s), is composed of the shoot apex and leaf primordia; a hypocotyl, which is the transition zone between the shoot and root; and the radicle.

What is Plumule and epicotyl?

The key difference between epicotyl and plumule is that epicotyl is the part of the embryonic axis which lies above the point of attachment of cotyledons while plumule is the tip of the epicotyl which gives rise to the shoot of the new plant. The seed is the ripened ovule which contains the embryo.

What is another name for epicotyl?

That part of the plant above the cotyledons is known as the plumule or epicotyl (meaning above the cotyledons).

What does hypocotyl mean?

Definition of hypocotyl : the part of the axis of a plant embryo or seedling below the cotyledon — see seedling illustration.

What does the hypocotyl do?

The part of a plant embryo or seedling that lies between the radicle and the cotyledons. Upon germination, the hypocotyl pushes the cotyledons above the ground to develop. It eventually becomes part of the plant stem.

Which comes first epicotyl or hypocotyl?

The epicotyl is the part of the seedling stem found between the cotyledons and the plumule. Cotyledons are known as seed leaves while true leaves develop from the plumule….Epicotyl.

Hypocotyl Epicotyl
Hypocotyl terminates at the cotyledonary node Epicotyl terminates from the plumule

Is the epicotyl part of the Plumule?

The plumule is composed of the epicotyl, young leaves, and the shoot apical meristem. Upon germination in dicot seeds, the epicotyl is shaped like a hook with the plumule pointing downwards. This shape is called the plumule hook, and it persists as long as germination proceeds in the dark.

Do monocots have epicotyl?

In monocot plants, the first shoot that emerges from the ground or from the seed is the epicotyl, from which the first shoots and leaves emerge. Lengthening of the epicotyl is thought to be controlled by the phytochrome photoreceptors.

What does a radicle do?

root anatomy and function The primary root, or radicle, is the first organ to appear when a seed germinates. It grows downward into the soil, anchoring the seedling.

What is epicotyl dormancy?

Epicotyl dormancy is the term used to describe seed dormancy in species in which there is a delay of about 3–4wk (or longer) in emergence of the shoot after the radicle has emerged.

What happens to the hypocotyl?

germination. ) the hypocotyl (embryonic stem) grows several inches above the ground, carrying the cotyledons into the light, in which they become green and often leaflike (e.g., epigeal germination).