Why Shiseido skincare?

Naturally beautiful skin is truly customized to your needs. Our transformative range of Shiseido cleansers, serums, and moisturizers address skincare needs for all skin types through leading-edge science and time-tested ingredients. Add your favorite products to your wishlist!

What is Shiseido’s R&D?

Shiseido has always used its research and development by introducing products based on clinically tested formulae. The vision behind Shiseido’s R&D has been “Creative Integration”. This vision called for an integration of function with sensitivity.

What is the business model of Shiseido?

Shiseido has been engaged in three main activities: Acquisition of brands in Europe and US, importing new non-Shiseido brands into Japan through the brand holding company, and introducing multiple brand extensions in the market.

What is Shiseido’s recipist?

Reacting to this important piece of consumer research, Shiseido immediately launched Recipist in November 2017, a skin care brand with products retailing at USD 8.88 and less, and packaged in smaller bottles to fit the small spaces that young women often live in.