The winners of the four seasons have been: Bruce Liang, Li Qi, Diamond Zhang, and Zhang Lei….

Who won the voice of China 2014?

Zhang Bichen
Zhang Bichen, the 25-year-old singer from Tianjin has become the winner of the “Voice of China 2014”. Both Zhang Bichen and Parhat from Xinjiang entered the final round. With her passionate singing, Zhang gained the title with more than 60 percent of audiences and judges voting in her favor.

Does China have the voice?

The winners of the four seasons have been: Bruce Liang, Li Qi, Diamond Zhang, and Zhang Lei….

The Voice of China
Presented by Hu Qiaohua
Judges Liu Huan Na Ying Yang Kun Harlem Yu A-mei Wang Feng Chyi Chin Jay Chou
Country of origin China

How famous is Zhou Shen?

Zhou has won an award every year since 2016. He won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Greater China Act in November 2019. In August 2020, he ranked 42nd in the Forbes China Celebrity List of 2020.

Who won Voice of China 2020?

Shan Yichun
This year, Shan Yichun from Li Jian’s team won the annual championship of “The Voice of China 2020” with his stable performance and excellent singing skills.

Who won the Voice of China season 3?

Zhang BichenThe Voice of China (Season 3) / Winner

Who won China 2021?

Wu Keyue
Series overview

Season First aired Winner
5 August 21, 2020 Shan Yichun
6 July 30, 2021 Wu Keyue
7 July 2022 Upcoming Season

Where is sing China filmed?

Hit reality TV show Sing! China is bringing Sing! China in Macao to the Venetian’s Cotai Arena, with a special National Day episode to be filmed on 21 September.

What is Dimash vocal range?

Kudaibergen is well-recognized for his extremely wide and developed vocal range. His sung range expands 6 octaves and 2 semitones, from C2 to C6 to F#6 and, finally, D8.

How old is Zhou Shen?

29 years (September 29, 1992)Zhou Shen / Age

Who won 2021 China Voice?

Series overview

Season First aired Winning coach
4 July 19, 2019 Li Ronghao
5 August 21, 2020 Li Jian
6 July 30, 2021 Hacken Lee

Who won China 2017?

Tashi Phuntsok
The second season of the Chinese reality talent show Sing! China premiered on 14 July 2017 on Zhejiang Television….Sing! China (season 2)

Sing! China
Winner Tashi Phuntsok 扎西平措
Winning coach Liu Huan
Runner-up Doris Guo 郭沁
Finals venue Beijing National Stadium

Who is the winner of the voice China 2014?

The Voice of China (season 3) On 7 October 2014, Zhang Bichen of Team Na Ying was announced as the winner of the season, with Perhat Khaliq of Team Wang Feng as runner-up, Yu Feng of Team Yang Kun in third place, and Qin Yuzi of Team Chyi Chin in fourth place.

Who are the members of the voice of China?

Members of the coaching panel include Na Ying (season 1–4), Harlem Yu (season 1–2, 4), Yang Kun (season 1, 3), Liu Huan (season 1), A-mei (season 2), Wang Feng (season 2–4), Chyi Chin (season 3) and Jay Chou (season 4). The show began airing under the name of The Voice of China on 13 July 2012.

How many seasons of the voice of China are there?

Hu Qiaohua has hosted all four seasons. Names in bold type indicate the winner of the season. The first season of The Voice of China premiered on 13 July 2012, and concluded on 30 September. The coaching panel consisted of Liu Huan, Na Ying, Yang Kun, and Harlem Yu.

Who is the host of the voice of China Season 3?

The third season of the Chinese reality talent show The Voice of China premiered on 18 July 2014 on Zhejiang Television. Hu Qiaohua returned as host. Na Ying and Wang Feng returned as coaches.