How many shareholders own the Green Bay Packers?

Who really owns the Green Bay Packers?

Green Bay Packers, Inc.Green Bay Packers / OwnerGreen Bay Packers, Inc. is the official name of the publicly held nonprofit corporation that owns the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers football franchise, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
The Packers are the only publicly owned franchise in the NFL. Wikipedia

How many shareholders own the Green Bay Packers?

Including previous offerings, the organization now has more than 537,000 shareholders. Approximately $65.8 million was raised during the offering, with net proceeds going toward ongoing construction projects at Lambeau Field, including new video boards and concourse upgrades.

Why don t the Green Bay Packers have an owner?

The 1960 constitution of the NFL has a “Green Bay Rule.” That rule states that “charitable organizations and/or corporations not organized for profit and not now a member of the league may not hold membership in the National Football League.” In other words, the Green Bay Packers is grandfathered in as the only …

Can I buy a share of the Green Bay Packers?

Shares can be bought online with credit or debit cards or with electronic bank transfers. Any U.S. buyers who want to receive the documents by mail and purchase shares with a cashier’s or personal check can call 833-OWN-PACK (833-696-7225).

What is the point of owning Packers stock?

It gives them a financial advantage, which could be helpful on the field. Poorer teams sometimes are unable to meet the full salary cap—the maximum a team can pay its players in a given season—giving an advantage to wealthier teams.

Do Packers owners make money?

The Packers are owned by the fans, making them the only publicly owned, not-for-profit, major professional team in the United States.

What does it mean to own Packers stock?

Unlike a normal piece of stock such as Tesla or Apple, you cannot sell your Packers shares, they don’t increase or decrease in value, and they don’t afford you any voting power. So basically, you’re just buying a symbolic piece of ownership of the four-time Super Bowl champions.

Where do Packers profits go?

The Packers reported profit from operations for 2019-2020 of $70.3 million. Total revenue and profit from operations, rather than net income, are the more significant number in Packers’ finances because all money, whether profit or not, goes into team operations or the community. Packers stock does not pay dividends.

How much does a share of the Packers cost?

It’s the sixth public sale of stock in the storied NFL franchise. Each share costs $300 in U.S. dollars, plus a handling fee. The team hopes to raise $90 million for construction projects at Lambeau Field, new video boards and concourse upgrades.

Where can I buy Packers stock?
Packers stock sale underway; $300 shares to support Lambeau Field projects. The offering document and purchasing information are available online at

How much does it cost to buy a share of the Packers?

Each share will cost $300 and once they’re all sold out, the team will have raised a total of $90 million that will be used to pay for ongoing construction projects at Lambeau Field. The current sale marks just the sixth time in franchise history that the Packers have sold stock in the team.

Do the Green Bay Packers pay taxes?

Packers Expenses * The Packers are subject to federal and other state income taxes, but not Wisconsin income taxes.