Nadia Yassir was identified as a mole by Chloe O’Brian.

Who is the mole in 24 season 8?

Nadia Yassir was identified as a mole by Chloe O’Brian.

What happens at the end of 24 Season 8?

The final conversation of the series is between Jack and Chloe. He thanks Chloe for all she’s done and asks her to ensure Kim’s safety. Then, once more, and after a couple of tear jerking glances towards the camera, Jack is off, on the run again, destined to run right into a Hollywood film set.

What happened at the end of 24 season 1?

Jack comes to CTU and lets the agents take Myers into custody (as opposed to killing her). He then discovers his wife’s body in the chair with a fatal gunshot wound to her abdomen. The season ends with Jack cradling his dead wife in his arms, while he constantly tells her he is sorry.

Why does 24 season 9 only have 12 episodes?

Fox Broadcasting chief Kevin Reilly has announced that 24 will be returning in 2014. According to Brian Stelter of The New York Times, the show’s ninth season will consist of 12 episodes — meaning producers plan to deviate from its longstanding format, where each hour-long episode represents an hour in realtime.

Where did Jack Bauer go after season 8?

Following Day 2, Jack rejoined CTU Los Angeles as the Director of Field Operations, working under Tony Almeida, who had assumed his previous position as CTU Director.

Who does Jack Bauer end up with?

In 24 season 8, Jack Bauer – who never eats or uses the bathroom – was finally back with his Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) after a lot of messy family drama, but by the time that series ended he was on the run from the U.S. and Russia.

What happened to Jack Bauer’s daughter?

Audrey Boudreau, Jack’s former flame and the daughter of the President of the United States, was shot and killed, mirroring the season one death of Jack’s wife Teri Bauer.

When does 24 season 8 start?

The eighth season of the American drama television series 24, also known as Day 8, premiered in the United States on Fox on January 17, 2010. The eighth season was announced as the final season of 24 and its series finale aired on May 24, 2010. However, the series returned with a ninth season as 24: Live Another Day, which aired in 2014.

What happened in Season 8 of 24?

The eighth outing of the James Spader series saw Red reveal the critical fugitives on his blacklist. Number one on the list turned out to be Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Keen (played by Megan Boone), a former…

Where to watch 24 series?

The series is written and executive produced by co-showrunners Liz Hannah (THE POST, The Dropou t, Mindhunter) and Patrick Macmanus ( Dr. Death ), and also executive produced by Fanning and Echo Lake’s Brittany Kahan Ward. The official teaser for The Girl From Plainville has been dropped and it is chilling watching, that’s for sure.

Where can I watch episodes of 24?

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