Who is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time?

Perhaps the greatest technical wrestler in WWE history, Angle is also one of the most loathed characters of all time….And the gifs and memes of his overreactions to everything will live on forever.

  1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.
  2. Shawn Michaels.
  3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
  4. Hulk Hogan.
  5. Ric Flair.
  6. The Undertaker.
  7. John Cena.

Who is the greatest wrestlers of all time?

The 25 Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time Have Been Named And Ranked

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Career: 10/10. Look: 8/10.
  2. The Undertaker. Career: 10/10. Look: 10/10.
  3. Hulk Hogan. Career: 10/10.
  4. 4. ‘ The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.
  5. 5. ‘ Macho Man’ Randy Savage.
  6. The Rock. Career: 7/10.
  7. 7. ‘ Rowdy’ Roddy Piper.
  8. Shawn Michaels. Career: 10/10.

Who is the top 10 wrestlers?

Hence, below we present you with the summarized list of the top ten Wrestlers of all time.

  • “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.
  • Shawn Michaels.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
  • Hulk Hogan.
  • Ric Flair.
  • The Undertaker.
  • John Cena.
  • Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Who has the most wins in WWE history?

The 16-time WWE Champion lived up to the desires and went on to be the confront of the advancement for over a decade. Cena holds the record for the foremost wins within the company’s history with 1743 triumphs, out of the 2198 matches he competed in so distant.

Who is the best WWE Champion?

John Cena He is undoubtedly the biggest superstar to have ever stepped inside the WWE ring. His accomplishments as the WWE Champion are enormous. Cena is a 13 times WWE Champion and has the most number of title reigns.

Who has the most fans in WWE?

Highest followers on Twitter for WWE Wrestlers

SN Twitter Account Followers [In Million]
1. The Rock 16047747 [16.05 M]
2. John Cena 13671036 [13.67 M]
3. Triple H 7598046 [7.6 M]
4. Randy Orton 6280511 [6.28 M]

Who was the 1st WWE Champion?

Buddy Rogers
The WWE Championship is widely recognized as the most historic championship in WWE. Dating back to 1963, the WWE Championship was first awarded to Buddy Rogers after he defeated Antonino Rocca in the finals of a tournament in April.

Did Vince McMahon beat God?

The second main event was Shawn Michaels and “God” versus Vince and Shane McMahon in a No Holds Barred match, which was won by the McMahons.

Who is better Roman Reigns or John Cena?

Over his 17 year career, John Cena has a whopping 1,020 wins, 252 losses, and 57 draws. Over his 7 year career, Roman Reigns has 588 wins, 253 losses, and 33 draws. … First of all, Reigns actually has one more loss than Cena despite his career being 10 years shorter to this point.