Who is the best female character in Pokémon?

Top 10 Female Pokemon Characters

  • #8: Bianca.
  • #7: Officer Jenny.
  • #6: Dawn.
  • #5: Nurse Joy.
  • #4: Cynthia.
  • #3: Jessie.
  • #2: May. There was most certainly a void left behind after Misty departed the group.
  • #1: Misty. Who else could take our top spot other than the hot-headed trainer who stuck with Ash through thick and thin?

Who is the girl in Pokémon?

Elaine (game)

Elaine アユミ Ayumi
Art from Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!
Region Kanto
Relatives Unnamed mother and father
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, player character

Who is cutest girl in Pokémon?

Here are the 20 Cutest Pokémon Of All Time!

  • 20 Jigglypuff. A beloved favorite by so many Pokémon fans, Jigglypuff is certainly considered one of the O.G.’s in terms of cuteness.
  • 19 Dratini.
  • 18 Shaymin.
  • 17 Mareep.
  • 16 Lillipup.
  • 15 Emolga.
  • 14 Growlithe.
  • 13 Clefairy.

Does Ash like Misty or Serena?

Ash shows Serena more affection and consideration than he has past travel companions throughout the series. He worries about her feelings and is more touchy-feely with Serena than he is with other companions, placing a hand on her shoulder and even holding her hand in one episode.

Who is the hottest girl in Pokemon anime?

Top 10 Hottest Pokémon Gym Leaders

  • Sabrina.
  • Jasmine.
  • Valerie.
  • Whitney.
  • Elesa. Location: Nimbasa City (Pokémon Black and White)
  • Clair. Location: Blackthorn City (Pokémon Gold and Silver)
  • Erika. Location: Celadon City (Pokémon Red and Blue)
  • Misty. Location: Cerulean City (Pokémon Red and Blue)

Do misty and Ash ever date?

Whether Ash and Misty have romantic feelings for each other has always been vague. As far as the anime is concerned, they’re just very good friends. Close, sure, but not romantic.

Who is Misty crush?

The leader of the Gym was named Rudy, and he had a serious crush on Misty. Throughout the episode, Misty has to choose between rooting for the oblivious Ash, or the charming Rudy.

Which Pokegirl does Ash like?

Ash X Serena, also known as Amourshipping has been a topic of discussion for Pokemon fans since the XY anime began back in 2013. Serena was the first female character in the show to have a canonical crush on our main Character and the reason to back up her crush were also present, thanks to their backstory.