Rima KanodiaNaresh Kanodia / Wife (m.?–2020)

Who is Naresh Kanodia wife?

Rima KanodiaNaresh Kanodia / Wife (m.?–2020)

Was Mahesh Kanodia married?

Umaben KanodiaMahesh Kanodia / Spouse

Who is Gujarati superstar?

Superstar (2017) is a Gujarati romantic thriller film directed by Bhavin Wadia. It is presented by Navkar Events Private Limited and produced by Snehan Dave. The film marks the debut of Dhruvin Shah and is the first Gujarati film of TV actor Rashami Desai….Superstar (2017 film)

Country India
Language Gujarati

Where is snehlata?

Currently, she lives in Mumbai with her family.

Is Naresh Kanodia married?

Rima KanodiaNaresh Kanodia / Spouse (m.?–2020)

Is Naresh Kanodia dead?

October 27, 2020Naresh Kanodia / Date of death

Is Mahesh Kanodia alive?

October 25, 2020Mahesh Kanodia / Date of death

How old is Mahesh Kanodia?

83 years (1937–2020)Mahesh Kanodia / Age at death

Who Is Best Actor in Gujarat?

Top 10 actors of Gujarati film Industry

  • 01/11Top 10 actors of Gujarati film Industry. Top 10 actors of Gujarati film Industry.
  • 02/11​Pratik Gandhi.
  • 03/11​Malhar Thakar 2.
  • 04/11​ Yash Soni.
  • 05/11​Mitra Gadhvi.
  • 06/11​ Raunaq Kamdar.
  • 07/11​Shraddha Dangar.
  • 08/11​Aarohi Patel.

Where is Gujarati film industry?

Gujarati cinema, also known as Dhollywood, is the Gujarati language film industry. It is one of the major regional and vernacular film industries of the cinema of India, having produced more than one thousand films since its inception….

Gujarati cinema
No. of screens 210 (Gujarat)
Produced feature films (2019)
Total 80

What is the age of snehlata?


True (Real) Name Snehlata Tawde Vasaikar
Nickname Sneha
Profession Actress
Date of Birth 25 April
Current (Age) 27 years, 11 month, 24 days

Who is snehlata husband?

Girish T. Vasaikar

Marriage Date 22 September
Husband/Spouse Girish T. Vasaikar (Film Director)
Children Daughter- Shaurya Vasaikar

Who was Naresh Kanodia?

Veteran Gujarati film star-turned-politician Naresh Kanodia died at a city-based hospital, where he was undergoing treatment for coronavirus, on Tuesday, a hospital official said. The 77-year-old died at UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre at around 9.17 am, resident medical officer Kaushik Barot said.

What are some of the best films of Naresh Kanodia?

Some of his popular films are Jog Sanjog, Kanku Ni Kimat, Laju Lakhan, Unchi Medina Uncha Mol, Raj Rajvan, Man Saibani Medie, Dhola Maru, Meru Malan, Maa Baap Ne Bhulsho Nahi, Rajveer. The career of Naresh Kanodia spans four decades and he has worked with many leading actresses including Snehlata, Aruna Irani, Roma Manek.

How many Gujarati films has Kanodia acted?

Kanodia started his career with the film Veli Ne Avya Phool (1970). The same year he also played a minor role in the film Jigar and Ami. He has acted more than 100 Gujarati films.

Who was Mahesh Kanodia and how did he die?

His demise came two days after death of Mahesh Kanodia, 82, on Sunday in Gandhinagar. Dr RK Patel, director of UNMICRC, confirmed the demise to TOI, adding that the actor was battling with Covid-19 infection and other complications.