Who is Kyle Vogt?

In naming a new CEO of self-driving company Cruise Monday, majority-owner General Motors is handing the firm back to one of its original founders. Kyle Vogt, who co-founded Cruise and ran the start-up for years following GM’s acquisition in 2016, has once again been named CEO of the company.

Who is the co-founder of cruise technologies?

Dan Kan joined Cruise as a co-founder in early 2014. Kyle Vogt founds Cruise in San Francisco to fulfill a childhood dream of making self-driving cars a reality.

What does GM’s acquisition of cruise mean for Vogt?

Since acquiring Cruise, GM has invested billions in its operations and brought on investors including Honda Motor, Softbank Vision Fund and, more recently, Walmart and Microsoft. Vogt will retain his prior positions of chief technology officer and president of the company.

Is the cruise origin an autonomous vehicle from the future?

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