Who is Bonagiunta Orbicciani?

Bonagiunta Orbicciani, also called Bonaggiunta and Urbicciani (ca. 1220 in Lucca – 1290), was an Italian poet of the Tuscan School, which drew on the work of the Sicilian School. His main occupation was as a judge and notary.

Who is Bonagiunta in Dante’s Inferno?

Bonagiunta is first pointed out by Forese Donati, who names numerous poets for Dante because their faces are unrecognizable due to their contrapasso: fasting. Bonagiunta appears to recognize Dante, and Dante hears him mumbling what sounds like the word “Gentucca” repeatedly.

Why is Bonagiunta included in the Divine Comedy?

Both early and modern commentators have suggested that Bonagiunta was included in the Divine Comedy as the result of his tenzoni with Dante and Guido Guinizzelli, another practitioner of the dolce stil novo.