host Chris Thile

Who hosts live from here?

host Chris Thile

What type of mandolin does Chris Thile play?

The piece blends the bluegrass music he grew up playing with the classical music he studied in school and the jazz he picked up during his years on the road. And, to top it off, he just purchased a 1923 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar-labeled mandolin.

Where can I listen to live from here?

On the Web. Every Saturday, from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Central Time, visit to listen to an audio stream of the show.

Is A Prairie Home Companion still on the air?

Latest. “Live From Here With Chris Thile,” the weekly radio show that began as a continuation of “A Prairie Home Companion” before taking on its own name and identity, has been canceled, American Public Media Group announced Tuesday.

Does Gibson still make mandolins?

Gibson is now known mostly for building electric guitars, but they still offer a variety of mandolins, which are produced in the acoustic Bozeman, Montana shop. Sources: Walter Carter,Gibson Guitars 100 Years of an American Icon, and Gibson’s circa- 1912 catalog.

Why was live from here Cancelled?

American Public Media abruptly canceled Live From Here in June, citing concerns about financial challenges caused by the pandemic. Stations could continue to air rebroadcasts through Sept. 19, but after that programmers found themselves needing to fill two, and sometimes four, hours of vacant space in their schedules.

Where is Chris Thile from?

Oceanside, California, United States

What happened with Garrison Keillor?

Keillor was forced off the stage in late 2017 after accusations surfaced that he had sexually harassed women he worked with. Minnesota Public Radio, producer of “A Prairie Home Companion,” cut all ties to Keillor following an investigation. In his denial of the allegations, Keillor was short on contrition.

What mandolin does David Grisman?

An incredibly famous Lloyd Loar mandolin, “Crusher” is the favorite Gibson F-5 of David “Dawg” Grisman, a phenomenal mandolin spirit and a treasured friend. Appointments on F-5 #71635 are very similar to #71633 except the sunburst is much lighter in color.

Is there a real Lake Wobegon?

Lake Wobegon is a fictional town created by Garrison Keillor as the setting of the “News from Lake Wobegon” segment of the radio program A Prairie Home Companion broadcast from St Paul, Minnesota.

Why are Gibson mandolins so expensive?

Arching an instrument means that it requires more work, and if its hand carved it can balloon the prices. This is why most American made mandolins are at least $1,500. There’s just so many work hours involved to craft a good mandolin that they just can’t be sold as cheaply as guitars.

How long is live from here?

2 hours

What happened to Prairie Home Companion?

American Public Media Group has canceled musician Chris Thile’s “Live from Here” radio show, the successor to Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion.” ST. The media organization said it was ending national production of Thile’s show while cutting 28 staffers at American Public Media and Minnesota Public Radio.