John Rawls

Who gave the concept of distributive justice?

John Rawls

How many principles of justice did Rawls propose?

two principles

What is the importance of distributive justice?

These burdens include air pollution, landfills, industrial factories, and other environmental burdens. Distributive justice is an essential principle of environmental justice because there is evidence that shows that these burdens cause health problems, negatively affect quality of life, and drive down property value.

What is teleology according to Aristotle?

Teleology is the study of the ends or purposes that things serve, and Aristotle’s emphasis on teleology has repercussions throughout his philosophy. Aristotle believed that the best way to understand why things are the way they are is to understand what purpose they were designed to serve.

Why does Rawls think that the liberal equality interpretation of the second principle is unstable?

The social class of one’s birth into should not affect one’s life-prospects. Now while Liberal Equality does not allow social starting points to affect life prospects, it does allow native talents to affect life prospects. This makes Liberal Equality an unstable position.

What is the focus of distributive justice quizlet?

Economic or distributive justice concerns the principles appropriate for assessing society’s distribution of social benefits and burdens, particularly wealth, income, status, and power. Holds that the maximization of happiness ultimately determines what is just and unjust.

What is the concept of distributive justice?

: the justice that is concerned with the apportionment of privileges, duties, and goods in consonance with the merits of the individual and in the best interest of society.

What is the separateness of persons objection to utilitarianism?

One of them is the separateness of persons objection, which accuses utilitarianism of viewing separate persons as one, and thus considers the happiness of individuals freely aggregateable and interchangeable. This, it is thought, results in unacceptable consequences in matters of distribution.

What is distributive justice according to Rawls?

Rawls uses the term “distributive justice” “in the narrow sense” (Rawls 2001: 61) to refer to the difference principle and the economic distribution of income, wealth, and economic powers. Still he emphasizes that the other principles have significant distributive effects.

Is Nozick a utilitarian?

Utilitarianism. Nozick created the thought experiment of the “utility monster” to show that average utilitarianism could lead to a situation where the needs of the vast majority were sacrificed for one individual.