state of Maharashtra

Which state is the largest producer of electricity in India?

state of Maharashtra

Which country has antimatter?

The heaviest antimatter created so far was Helium-3, with two protons and one neutron. The breakthrough was made by a team of international scientists working on the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy.

Which is the largest nuclear power plant in India?

Kakrapar atomic power station

Which is the largest source of electricity in India?


Is a neutrino bomb real?

A super-powered neutrino generator could in theory be used to instantly destroy nuclear weapons anywhere on the planet, according to a team of Japanese scientists. If it was ever built, a state could use the device to obliterate the nuclear arsenal of its enemy by firing a beam of neutrinos straight through the Earth.

What is the price of 1 Unit electricity in India?

3.60 per unit to Rs. 3.85 per unit and for consumption between 31 to 100 units, the tariff is increased from Rs. 4.90 per unit to Rs. 5.15 per unit.

How many hydrogen bomb does Pakistan have?

The most recent analysis, published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 2010, estimates that Pakistan has 70–90 nuclear warheads. In 2001, the US-based Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimated that Pakistan had built 24–48 HEU-based nuclear warheads with HEU reserves for 30–52 additional warheads.

Who invented hydrogen bomb?

Edward Teller

How many hydrogen bombs India have?

Although India has not released any official statements about the size of its nuclear arsenal, recent estimates suggest that India has 150 nuclear weapons and has produced enough weapons-grade plutonium for up to 150–200 nuclear weapons.

Is a neutrino bomb possible?

From context, this is a bomb that produces a blast of neutrinos that kill everyone on the planet at nearly the same time as the earth would be transparent to them. This of, course, is nonsense the earth would be nearly transparent but a lethal dose of neutrinos does not seem possible.

How does a power grid work?

The network of transmission and distribution facilities makes up the power grid. Typically, electricity is transmitted at a very high voltage over the power lines that dot the countryside. The higher the voltage, the less current needed for the same amount of power, and thus less loss of electricity.

Which state got first electricity in India?

The first demonstration of electric light in India was conducted in Kolkata (then Calcutta) mid-1879 during British colonization of the sub-continent. A few decades later, the success of the demo was extended to Mumbai (then Bombay) to set up a generating station to power a tramway in 1905.

What is the rank of India in using nuclear power?

Top 15 Nuclear Generating Countries – by Generation

Country 2018 Nuclear Electricity supplied (GW-hr)
Spain 53,364
Japan 49,330
India 35,389
Czech Republic 28,256

How does power distribution work in India?

Distribution is the most important link in the entire power sector value chain. Under the Indian Constitution, power is a Concurrent subject and the responsibility for distribution and supply of power to rural and urban consumers rests with the states. …

How much antimatter is there on earth?

Scientists claim that antimatter is the costliest material to make. In 2006, Gerald Smith estimated $250 million could produce 10 milligrams of positrons (equivalent to $25 billion per gram); in 1999, NASA gave a figure of $62.5 trillion per gram of antihydrogen.

What is the grid voltage in India?

Power Grid System in India – Part 3

Sr. No. Nominal System Voltage (kV rms) Minimum (kV rms)
1. 765 728
2. 400 380
3. 220 198
4. 132 122

Who made India a nuclear power?

Early origins, 1944–1960s. India started its own nuclear programme in 1944 when Homi Jehangir Bhabha founded the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

Do India has hydrogen bomb?

India conducted five nuclear tests in 1998. The country had already conducted three nuclear tests, but it claims that Wednesday’s blast was its first involving a hydrogen bomb. Whether it has really joined the small club of countries confirmed to have conducted hydrogen bomb tests remains to be seen.