Which state is number 1 in healthcare?


Which state has best hospitals in India?


How many foreigners come to India for healthcare?

Russia Beyond notes that of the estimated 300,000 Russian medical tourists who travel worldwide every year for healthcare, India receives over 70,000 of them.

Which city has highest number of hospitals in India?

Jalandhar has emerged as the Asia’s ‘biggest’ medicare hub with over 800 super-specialty, multi-specialty centres, nursing homes and clinics — largest on per capita basis as compared to any other city of Asia.

Which state of India is leading in medical tourism?

The country is also known for its alternative treatment options such as yoga and ayurveda, it said. The leading destinations of medical tourism in India are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra, the report said.

Which is the fittest state in India?


  • #1 Kerala: Niti Aayog ranked Kerala to be the healthiest state in India, in its recently published health index.
  • #2 Andhra Pradesh: The government think-tank ranked Andhra Pradesh second in its health index.
  • #3 Maharashtra: According to Niti Aayog, Maharashtra is the third-healthiest state in India.

Which state produces the most doctors?

Leading 10 U.S. states based on the total number of active physicians as of 2020

Number of specialist physicians
California 113,998
New York 91,841
Texas 65,633
Florida 57,803

What is the best country to live in for health care?


Which city is best for medical treatment in India?

Within India, Hyderabad (specifically Chennai) is regarded as the most efficient state for medical treatment in India. It is known as the ‘health capital of India’. It offers a vast range of top-class medical facilities and has several multi-specialty and super-specialty hospitals.

What tourism do foreign tourists visit in India?

Foreign tourists visit India for the following reasons: They tour India to visit monuments of the country and understand its rich history. They visit for eco-tourism – the state of Kerala. Adventure tourism like river rafting in Haridwar and trekking on the Himalayas.

Which is the most expensive hospital in India?

While, Mumbai’s A-listers prefer Lilavati and Kokilaben Hospital in the Suburbs, and Breach Candy in South Mumbai, Powai’s Hiranandani Hospital boasts the most expensive room in the city.

Why would I want to visit India?

There are plenty of reasons to visit India – be it mountains or plains, beaches or backwaters, wildlife tours or adventure activities, secluded islands or bustling metropolitan, culinary delights or local drinks, spiritual holidays or romantic vacations.

Why do foreign tourists visit India?

India has been an excellent place for heritage tourism. It is rich in culture and ethnicity. Many tourists come here for adventure in the mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh Uttrakhand etc. Southern India provides excellent opportunities for medical tourism which attracts tourists from the world.

What are the top teaching hospitals?

50 top teaching hospitals in the US, ranked by Washington Monthly Magazine

  • JPS Health Network (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center (Houston)
  • Parkland Health and Hospital System (Dallas)
  • Boston Medical Center.
  • Milton S.
  • University of Colorado Hospital (Aurora)
  • Miriam Hospital (Providence, R.I.)

Which Indian state has best doctors?

Doctor to population ratio for Indian states While Delhi has the highest number of doctors working in the public healthcare sector in India, Goa has the highest number of registered doctors, with a doctor to population ratio of almost 2: 1000.

Is medical treatment free in Delhi?

Medical treatment and medicines across all Delhi government hospitals are now free.

Which state has best doctors in India?

Delhi is better in terms of doctor-population ratio (1:2203), but it is still twice the ratio recommended by WHO. The states and UTs that are closest to meeting the WHO standards are Arunachal Pradesh, Puducherry, Manipur and Sikkim. Councils of other neighbouring States. * 52666 doctors were registered only with MCI.

Which is biggest hospital in India?

Spread on five acres of land, with a capacity of 650 beds, BLK Super Speciality Hospital is one of the largest tertiary care private hospitals in the country, BLK has consistently ranked amongst the Top 10 Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi NCR.