If You Haven’t Flown On The 747, Here Are The Remaining Passenger Airlines Still Flying Them

Which airlines still fly 747s?

If You Haven’t Flown On The 747, Here Are The Remaining Passenger Airlines Still Flying Them

  • Air China.
  • Air India.
  • Asiana Airlines.
  • Korean Air.
  • Lufthansa.
  • Mahan Air.
  • Rossiya Airlines.
  • The Others.

Is DC 10 still in service?

Designed and built in Long Beach, California, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 went into production in January 1968 and was first put into service in 1971. But while the DC-10 is done with commercial passenger service, it does still occupy the skies in 2020 in other roles and capacities.

Why was the 747 discontinued?

Boeing is ending the 747 production line in 2022 while Airbus just delivered its last A380 fuselage to the assembly line in France in June. High operating costs and efficient twin-engine alternatives marred orders for both planes in the 2010s as the manufacturers promised jets that could fly further for cheaper.

Why is 747 retired?

The airline brought forward the retirement of its fleet of 747-400 aircraft due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation sector. BA expects the last Boeing 747s, currently positioned in Wales, to leave the fleet by the end of the year.

Are any DC 8 still in service?

As of January 2020, four DC-8s remain in commercial service, with three operating for Trans Air Cargo Service and one with CFS Air Cargo.

Is McDonnell Douglas still in business?

The company will continue to be known as Boeing; McDonnell Douglas will retain its name and operate as a major division. Two-thirds of the board members will come from Boeing, which will retain its Seattle headquarters. Executives said discussions on a deal began three years ago.

What is the safest plane ever built?

Boeing 717 Combining both the MD95 technology and Boeing’s engineering capabilities, the 717 became one of the safest aircraft ever! The 717 has been involved in five aviation incidents to date. All of these have been non-fatal, and have resulted in no hull losses.

Why did Lockheed TriStar fail?

According to Newhouse, the L-1011 failed because Lockheed had struck a deal with Rolls-Royce to power the TriStar with Rolls engines exclusively. For airlines that had built their fleets around engines from GE or Pratt & Whitney, this was a dealbreaker.

What is the oldest 737 still flying?

Focusing on regular commercial aircraft, there are several Boeing 737-200s that are in operation ferrying passengers. Nolinor, a Canadian charter airline, flies C-GNLK and C-GNLE. The former is 46-years-old while the latter clocks in at 45-years-old.

What is the most unsafe airline?

Kam Air

What are the odds of dying on an airplane?

about 1 in 11 million

Are DC 9 still in service?

Today, only newer versions of the 747 remain. As far as remnants of the former Douglas Aircraft Corporation are concerned, the DC-9 and DC-10 are both survived in passenger service by the iconic DC-3, a workhorse that’s been flying since 1935. Passenger versions still fly with Buffalo Airways in Canada.

What is a DC 9 aircraft?

The McDonnell Douglas DC-9 (initially the Douglas DC-9) is a single-aisle airliner designed by the Douglas Aircraft Company. The Series 40 was further lengthened by 6 ft (2 m) for 125 passengers, and the final DC-9-50 series first flew in 1974, stretched again by 8 ft (2.5 m) for 135 passengers.

Who made the DC 9?

McDonnell Douglas DC-9

Was the DC-10 a good plane?

While the aircraft itself was later found not not be at fault, the damage to the aircraft’s reputation was done for good. Yes, the DC-10 had major issues early on in its life, issues which will never be forgotten. Since those issues, however, the DC-10 has proved itself a worthy airliner.

What does DC10 stand for?


Acronym Definition
DC10 Douglas DC10 (airliner; McDonnell Douglas)

Who still flies DC-10?

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

DC-10 / MD-10
First flight August 29, 1970
Introduction August 5, 1971 with American Airlines
Status In cargo service
Primary users FedEx Express 10 Tanker Air Carrier TAB Cargo Orbis International

Is walking more dangerous than flying?

Everyday activities from walking to driving are still considerably more lethal. Last year, an MIT statistics professor determined that the death risk for passengers of commercial airlines is one in 45 million flights. According to The New York Times, a traveler could fly every day for 123,000 years and still be safe.

Was the DC-10 a bad plane?

The DC-10 was plagued by design flaws in the aircraft’s cargo doors. But the FAA withdrew the DC-10 type certificate on 6 June 1979 after the crash of American Airlines flight 191 in Chicago- the deadliest aviation accident in US history.