The Best Day Trips from Paris Within 2 Hours Travel Time

Where should I go 2 hours from Paris?

The Best Day Trips from Paris Within 2 Hours Travel Time

  • Rouen, a lovely city for a day trip from Paris.
  • Laon, a day trip destination 1.5 hours outside Paris.
  • Cathedrale Notre-Dame d’Amiens.
  • Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame de Reims.
  • Place Stanislas in Nancy.
  • Monet’s Gardens.
  • Disneyland Park Paris.
  • Vaux le Vicomte Castle.

What is the closest town to Paris?

Versailles. One of the famous cities close to Paris worth visiting is of course Versailles.

  • Vaux-Le-Vicomte in Maincy. Not many people know that the Palace of Vaux-Le-Vicomte was the inspiration for the Versailles Palace.
  • Troyes.
  • Reims.
  • Epernay.
  • Bourgogne (Burgundy)
  • Loire valley.
  • Rouen.
  • What countries can you visit in a day from Paris?

    Day Trips from Paris to Other Countries

    • London, England. What is this?
    • Bruges, Belgium. The cobblestone streets and medieval architecture of Bruges will win you over in just a day!
    • Ghent, Belgium. Ghent, Belgium is a beautiful and bustling ancient town.
    • Brussels, Belgium.
    • Luxembourg.
    • Heidelberg, Germany.
    • Geneva, Switzerland.

    Is 2 days long enough in Paris?

    As we mentioned earlier, a weekend trip or 2 days in Paris is a nice amount of time for first time visitors to get a little taster of everything the city has to offer. However, Paris is a big city. So, it’s not going to be enough time to see everything.

    What country closes Paris?

    Where is Paris located? Paris is located in the north-central part of France along the Seine River.

    Which country is very close to Paris?

    Countries near France

    Up to 500 kilometers
    Distance from France to Belgium is: 261 kilometer Distance from Paris to Brussels Mid
    Distance from France to Jersey is: 362 kilometer Distance from Paris to St. Helier Mid
    Distance from France to Netherlands is: 427 kilometer Distance from Paris to Amsterdam Mid

    What city is close to Paris by train?

    Strasbourg is located 487 km east of Paris. Despite the distance, Paris to Strasbourg is one of the easiest train rides from Paris. TGV trains from Paris leave from Paris Gare de l’Est train station and reach Strasbourg in only 1 hr 45 min, making Strasbourg one of the best places to travel from Paris.

    How much is a trip for two to Paris?

    For 2 people for a 5-day trip to Paris expect to pay about $250 per person or $500 for two. For those doing a low-cost Paris trip, aim for $140 per person or $280 per couple during that time. And for those traveling in luxury, aim for $2500 per person or $5,000 for your trip for two.

    How many days is sufficient for Paris?

    At the minimum, plan for 3 days in Paris to get a great taste of the city, visit some of the main sights, and explore the main neighborhoods. But if you really want to enjoy yourself, I’d recommend 7 days in Paris as a good starting point, especially if it’s somewhere you’ve been dreaming of visiting for a long time.

    How many hours is Paris from Spain?

    1 hour, 32 minutes

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    Is Ireland or France closer to England?

    It is closer to continental Europe than any other part of mainland Britain, divided from France only by a 33 km (21 mi) sea gap, the English Channel. The 50 km (31 mi) Channel Tunnel, near Folkestone, directly links England to mainland Europe.