Busselton Jetty

Where is the longest wooden jetty in Australia?

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty
At 1,841 metres (6,040 ft), the jetty is said to be the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere
Busselton Jetty Location of Busselton Jetty in Western Australia
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How long is the jetty at Port Germein?

1676 metres
At 1676 metres (more than a mile in non-metric language) the Port Germein jetty was the longest jetty in South Australia and, reputedly, the longest in the southern hemisphere. It was officially opened in 1881 (with an extension added in 1883) to service the grain sailing ships which were loaded at the port.

Where is Port Germein Gorge?

Port Germein, S.A. Port Germein is a small sea-side town in the Australian state of South Australia located about 219 kilometres north of the state capital of Adelaide and about 19 kilometres north of the city of Port Pirie on the eastern side of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf overlooking Germein Bay.

What is the longest jetty in South Australia?

Port Germein jetty
The Jetty. The 1.5-kilometre Port Germein jetty is the longest in South Australia and was once the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. Purpose built in 1881 to service the grain export industry, the jetty had to be built extra-long to cater for the low tides that occur along the Spencer Gulf.

How long is the long jetty at Port Welshpool?

It is 800 metres long and stretches out into Corner Inlet and is curved to provided the jetty at the deepest part of the channel.

What is the second longest jetty in Australia?

Located in the southern area of Western Australia, Busselton Jetty is the second-longest wooden jetty in the world, measuring 1,841 metres in length.

What is the longest jetty in Western Australia?

Extending 1.8 kilometres over the protected waters of Geographe Bay, the heritage listed Busselton Jetty is the longest wooden-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Western Australia, it is a must see for any visitor to the Margaret River region.

Why is Port Germein jetty so long?

Jetty. The Port Germein jetty opened in 1881, and in 1883 it was extended to a length of 1680 metres. This length, which was necessary because of the town’s extremely shallow beach, briefly made it the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere.

Can you swim at Port Germein?

We have one of the safest swimming beaches in Australia. No nasty stingers or rips needing lifeguards. Just gentle sloping sand and shallow water to splash around in. Stroll the local heritage walks or take some holiday snaps.

What is the population of Port Germein?

369 people
People — demographics & education In the 2016 Census, there were 369 people in Port Germein (State Suburbs). Of these 51.9% were male and 48.1% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 6.7% of the population. The median age of people in Port Germein (State Suburbs) was 57 years.

Can you swim in Port Welshpool?

The coastal town of Port Welshpool is in a prime position on a shallow and calm beach. The beach is protected from the lashings of the unapologetic Bass Strait, and have some of the warmest coastal waters in Victoria, making it perfect for swimming and for families.

Where is the longest wharf in the world?

The world’s longest pier extends 6.5 kilometers (4 miles) out into the ocean. What is this? The pier is the Progreso Pier located in the Mexican state of Yucatán. The pier juts out into the Gulf of Mexico and is known as a disembarkation pier which is a pier built for ships to unload.