Where is Camptown PA?

Camptown is an unincorporated community in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, United States. The community is located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 409 and Pennsylvania Route 706 4.6 miles (7.4 km) north-northeast of Wyalusing. Camptown has a post office with ZIP code 18815.

Where did the song Camptown come from?

Historians cite the village of Camptown, Pennsylvania as the basis for the song, located in the mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. The races were resumed nearby in 1965 as a footrace, without horses. The Pennsylvania Historical Society confirmed that Foster traveled through the small town and afterwards wrote the song.

What is the history of the Camptown Races?

The Bradford County Historical Society documents Foster attending school in nearby Towanda and Athens in 1840 and 1841. The schools were located 5 miles (8 km) from the racetrack. The current annual running of the Camptown Races was replaced by a 6.2-mile (10 km) track covering rough lumbering trails.

Who wrote the Ethiopian song Camptown Races?

Camptown Races. ( Play (helpĀ·info)) It was published in February 1850 by F. D. Benteen of Baltimore, Maryland. Benteen published a different version with guitar accompaniment in 1852 under the title, “. The Celebrated Ethiopian Song/Camptown Races “.