Thwaites 3t specification

What weight is a 3 ton dumper?

Thwaites 3t specification

Weight 3000 kg
Length 3939 mm
Width 1650 mm
Height 2115 mm
Unladen Weight 2010 kg

How much can a 1 tonne dumper carry?

1 Ton Dumper

Make: Mecalac
Length: 2980 mm
Heaped Capacity: 0.5m³
Skip Capacity – Water: 320 L
Road Speed- MAX: 7Mph/11Km/h

How long is a 3 ton dumper?

3 tonne Terex Dumper

Dimensions Feet/Inches (Millimetres)
A Total length 12.6 ft (3850 mm)
B Total width (not shown) 73 in (1860 mm)
C Height to top of steering wheel 73 in (1860 mm)
D Wheelbase 77 in (1950 mm)

How wide is a 2 ton dumper?

This item requires a lorry to deliver

Model Terex TA2
Total Width 1492mm
Ground Clearance 275mm
Height to ROPS raised 2691mm
Unladen Weight 2020kg

How much can a 3 tonne dumper carry?

For a medium sized Dumper, this 3 Ton Dumper offers a generous heaped capacity of 1,950 litres.

How much do 3 ton dumpers hold?

What is the smallest dumper?

We have found that the JCB TD5 Dumpster is not only the narrowest dumper on the market at 72cm’s wide but also has one of the biggest skips for moving soil.

How much can a 6t dumper hold?

3530 litres
6 Ton Dumpers are the largest swivel dumpers that we do, able to carry 3530 litres and with full 4×4 drive and massive off road tyres these machines can go virtually anywhere.

What size are dumpers?

Dumpers range in size from 0.25 tonne to an enormous 100 tonnes! Common sizes available for hire include, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5 and 6 tonnes. The bigger dumpers have larger engines and wider buckets allowing them to transport heavier loads.

How much can a 9 tonne dumper carry?

This item requires a lorry to deliver

Payload 9000kg
Skip Capacity – Struck 4065ltr
Max Dump Height 1722mm
Gradeability 20%
Total Width 2500mm

How many m3 are in a 6t dumper?

Displaying details for 6t Swivel Dumper

6t Swivel Dumper
Volume Of Skip 2.55 m3
Capacity Of Skip 6.00 t
Overall Length 4.82 m
Overall Width 2.28 m

How many m3 are in a 9t dumper?

Displaying details for 9t Front Tip Dumper

9t Front Tip Dumper
Volume Of Skip 3.83 m3
Capacity Of Skip 9.00 t
Overall Length 4.67 m
Overall Width 2.48 m

What kind of trailers does Barford make?

Barford™ Dump Trailers, Rock Trailers, Low Loaders, Crushers, Conveyors, Screeners & Box Screens. Please contact us directly for sales. For spare parts for our products please contact us .

Does Barford still make dumpers?

Barford Ceased making dumpers back in 2009 but we can still supply many parts for these great little dumpers. Models covered include the SX3000 SXR3000 SXR3500 SX3500 SX6000 SXR6000 SX7000 SXR7000 SX8000 SXR8000 SX9000 SXR9000 SK9 SKR9 SKR10 SK10.

What kind of equipment does Barford make?

During the subsequent years with Aveling Barford continuing to produce a range of construction equipment including Road Rollers, Articulated Dump Trucks and Site Dumpers. Continuing the tradition of engineering excellence Barford today manufactures a range of mobile screening and materials handling equipment.

Why choose a Barford dealer?

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