What was Alicia Silverstone in?


Year Title Role
1995 Hideaway Regina Harrison
Clueless Cher Horowitz
The Babysitter Jennifer
1996 True Crime Mary Giordano

Who is Alicia Silverstone married to?

Christopher JareckiAlicia Silverstone / Spouse (m. 2005–2018)Christopher Jarecki is an American musician, radio show host and actor. He is best known for his work as the frontman for Geffen Records-signed band S.T.U.N. Wikipedia

Is Alicia Silverstone Vegan?

There are few celebrities as passionately dedicated to the vegan lifestyle as American actress Alicia Silverstone. Alicia rose to fame after starring in the classic 1995 film “Clueless.” After flirting with vegetarianism since the young age of 8, Alicia went completely vegan in 1998.

What has happened to Alicia Silverstone?

Since July 2020, Alicia Silverstone has been in the club — no, not that club. She stars in the Netflix reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club as the mother of Kristy Thomas, the tomboy of the group. The show is based on the popular series written by Ann M. Martin and read by children of the ’80s and ’90s the world over.

Does Alicia Silverstone have a child?

Bear Blu JareckiAlicia Silverstone / Children

Why did Alicia Silverstone stop acting?

Alicia “stopped loving acting” after getting body-shamed in her twenties.

How did Alicia Silverstone lose weight?

Ms. Silverstone said eating vegan cleared up her acne, helped her lose weight and ditch her asthma inhaler, and gave more energy than ever before.

What is Alicia Silverstone’s diet?

Silverstone, the author of “The Kind Diet,” says her secret is the vegan diet, which she’s adhered to for more than 20 years. (The vegan diet is plant-based, with no meat or animal products.) “A lot of it is the parenting, but a lot of it is the food,” the “Clueless” actress said.

Is Alicia Silverstone vegan?

How did Alicia Silverstone feed her kids?

In a clip she posted on her blog, The Kind Life, Silverstone feeds her 11-month-old son, Bear Blu, by chewing up food and passing it from her mouth into his. (See the video below.) She did once star in a film called Clueless — but isn’t this taking mother-child bonding a bit too far?

Is Alicia Silverstone still vegan?

She’s a successful entrepreneur, a passionate animal rights activist and environmentalist, and a mother to an eight-year-old son, Bear. But if there’s one word that ties each of her endeavors together, it’s “kindness.” ‘Clueless’ star Alicia Silverstone is a passionate vegan and environmentalist.

Why is Alicia Silverstone vegan?

Silverstone’s inspiration to become vegan really started with animal welfare. “I was one of those people who loved animals, but ate them,” says Silverstone. “And I did that for a long time and struggled with it.” After learning more about how animals are raised for food, Silverstone says she was heartbroken.

How old is Alicia Silverstone now?

Alicia Silverstone was born on October 4, 1976 in San Francisco, California, the youngest of three children. She is the daughter of Didi (Radford), a former flight attendant, and Monty Silverstone, a real estate investor. Her English-born father is from a Jewish family, while her Scottish-born mother converted to Judaism.

What is Alicia Silverstone doing for the environment?

As an actress, author, mother and co-founder of the vegan supplement brand mykind Organics, Alicia Silverstone is one busy environmental activist. But a peek into her sunny Los Angeles home reveals that she truly practices what she’s been preaching for years.

What makes Alicia Silverstone’s kitchen so special?

Alicia Silverstone’s kitchen is functional, practical, and best of all, oversees a gorgeous mountain landscape. Caroline Sincaruk

What are Alicia Silverstone’s best movies?

Here are some of the best highlights of Alicia Silverstone’s career: 1 The Mess (Movie, 1993) 2 Clueless (Movie, 1995) 3 Batman & Robin (Movie, 1997) 4 Blast from the Past (Movie, 1999) 5 The Lodge (Movie, 2019) 6 Bad Therapy (Movie, 2020)