Pipe earthing is the most common type used for residential quarters and strip earthing is used for 11 kV substation.

What type of thing is found in 11 kV substation?

Pipe earthing is the most common type used for residential quarters and strip earthing is used for 11 kV substation.

Which type of circuit breaker is used in 11kV substation?

Vacuum Circuit Breaker As per construction, it is classified into two parts. VCB is used for medium-voltage ratings (like 11KV and 33KV). It is widely used for the substation for the overload or high current protection. And it is used for transformer switching, reactor switching, capacitor bank switching, etc.

What is the 33 11kV substation equipment?

Power substation consists of: Switchgear: isolators, circuit breakers, earthing switches etc. Controlgear: current transformers, voltage transformers, contactors etc. Protection equipment: relays, fuses, surge arrestors etc.

What is the meaning of 33 11kV substation?

Thus, when a substation is of rating 66/11 kV, means substation has been designed to receive 80 MVA on 66 kV and it will distribute the received power on 11 kV. Again, substation of rating 33/11kV means, the substation has been designed to receive 5 MVA of power at 33 kV and it will distribute the same on 11 kV.

What is 11kV system?

The 11kV lines are used in residential areas and is what feeds the local transformers, which then distributes power to the buildings in the area. 33kV lines on the other hand involve much higher voltages and are used to distribute power from one small sub-station to another.

What is 11kV feeder?

A three- phase, three-wire distribution line operating at 11 kV, known as a feeder, begins at the primary substation, and traverses the rural areas through villages and agricultural areas, serving a mixed customer base of agriculture, households and small businesses.

What is 11kV transformer?

What does 11kV transformer mean?

Why is 11kV used?

What is 11kV panel?

The panel is high in performance, provide accurate results and require less maintenance. Its reliable operating mechanism also ensure safety of the user. 11KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker, HT Panel (Indoor Type) for protection of Transformer, HT Capacitor, Generator, HT Motor, feeder line.

Is 11KV high or low voltage?

High voltage (HV) – means and voltage exceeding 1kV a.c. or 1.5kV d.c. Extra high voltage (EHV) means any voltage exceeding 220kV….Standard line voltages.

Line Voltages Usage
240/480V (1 phase) Used to supply customers installations
6.6kV Used for urban and rural HV distribution

What is 11KV electrical system?

The first component of the electrical distribution system is the distribution substation, which is a location where the transmission line voltage (132KV) or sub transmission line voltage (33KV) is lowered by step down transformer to obtain primary distribution line voltage (11KV) and this primary distribution line …

What are the different types of kV substations?

11 KV Substation. Pole-Mounted Sub-Station: 1. It is a distribution sub-station placed overhead on a pole. It is the cheapest form of substation as it does not involve any building work. Fig (i) shows the layout of pole-mounted sub-station 2. Whereas Fig (ii) shows the schematic connections.

What are the dimensions of an 11 kV packaged substation?

13.25 a Type I (1000KVA Transformer ): 3400(L) x 2900(W) x 2800(H) 13.25.b Type II & III (400KVA / 630KVA Transformer) 3400(L) x 2600(W) x 2600(H) 13.26 Type IV (250 kVA 2000(L) x 2000(W) x 2000(H) [R7] SP-PSSC-38-R7 Technical Specification For 11 kV Packaged Substation

How is an 11kV power line connected to a 400V transformer?

The 11 kV line is connected to the transformer (11kV / 400 V) through gang isolator and fuses. 4. The lightning arresters are installed on the H.T. side to protect the sub-station from lightning strokes. 5. The transformer steps down the voltage to 400V, 3-phase, 4-wire supply.

What is the electrical Endurance class for an E2 substation?

Electrical Endurance – Class E2 . To be guaranteed by manufacturer with authorized lab test reports SP-PSSC-38-R7 Technical Specification For 11 kV Packaged Substation