Answer: The trait or skill that the character in the song “Reflection” possesses is pretense or pretentiousness.

What traits or skills does the character in the song possesses?

Answer: The trait or skill that the character in the song “Reflection” possesses is pretense or pretentiousness.

What are the forms of discrimination?

The four types of discrimination are direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Would you follow the advice given in the song common ground Why or why not?

Answer Expert Verified yes, because it’s the only way to reach success. to enable to make others understand you and find your common ground you have to first admit that you have been mistaken.

What advices are given in the song common ground to resolve problems?

Answer Expert Verified We need to keep fighting for in the end we only got ourselves. I agree with it because to live this life we must be courageous enough to keep fighting. Because at the end of the day we only got ourselves so we must learn how to fight and stand on our own.

What type of discrimination was underscored in the song?

Answer. The discrimination underscored in the song is about our gender. If you’re a boy, many people thinks you can do better girls can do.

What object visualize in the song common ground?

Answer: The objects we could visualize when singing or reading the song “Common Ground” by Kodaline is the bible as a symbolism of religious beliefs and a stairway as a symbolism of our dream or goal of achieving something.

What social issue was underscored in the song?

In the song Reflection, it is underscored on the first stanza. Employment activity discrimination occurs when a person is being treated unfairly because of making sensible requests or voicing out their rights as employees. In the movie Mulan, Mulan was still expelled from the army after saving the lives of her troops.

What is Lennon’s vision of peace give examples?

Answer. Answer: Explanation:Lennon’s vision of peace in his song entitled Imagine is the absence of the idea of heaven and hell, the idea of possessions and the existence of countries. For example, if nobody believe on hell and heaven, then nobody will have misunderstandings.

What did you do to resolve the said conflict in your family?

Steps in Resolving Family Conflicts: Communicate and counsel together what can be done to resolve the conflict. Make necessary adjustments. Do not repeat any mistakes that might lead to arguments and conflicts. Practice tolerance and soberness in dealing with the source of conflict.

What does the name Kodaline mean?

The beautiful Broken

What emphasized in the song common ground?

The song “Common Ground” is a meaningful one. It emphasizes that life is never easy and that you should learn to be strong and the common ground is a nice place to begin. In the song, it cited situations where life is indeed not easy unlike what other people say.