A&W Restaurant. Suite 236 | (417) 337-7112.

What stores are at Tanger in Branson MO?

A&W Restaurant. Suite 236 | (417) 337-7112.

  • Adidas. Suite 560 | (417) 336-1117.
  • Aerie. Suite 430 | (417) 297-6067.
  • Alfred Dunner. Suite 302 | (417) 337-8860.
  • American Eagle Clearance. Suite 410 | (417) 334-9054.
  • ASICS. Suite 550 | (417) 336-1114.
  • Banana Republic Factory. Suite 117 | (417) 239-3440.
  • Bath & Body Works.
  • How many Tanger Outlet locations are there?

    Tanger Outlets is a leading operator of upscale open-air outlet centers that owns, or has an ownership interest in, a portfolio of 36 centers in 20 US states and in Canada totaling approximately 13.6 million square feet, leased to over 2,600 stores operated by more than 600 different brand name companies.

    Is Tanger owned by Simon?

    The joint venture will be co-owned by Tanger and Simon and will be branded as Tanger Outlets. Simon will provide site development, construction supervision, and asset management to the venture; Tanger will provide management services and marketing to the joint venture. Both companies will provide leasing services.

    What is a factory store vs outlet?

    Outlet vs Store
    An outlet is a shop that sells products from a particular manufacturer, often at discounted prices. The store is a building where goods or services are sold.
    The outlet is typically attached to a factory. Stores are not attached to a factory.

    Why are outlet malls in the middle of nowhere?

    Outlet malls are based in the middle of nowhere not only because the real estate is cheaper but as part of their marketing strategy. When consumers have to drive an hour or two to shop, shopping becomes a day-long venture, a veritable investment.

    Where is Steven Tanger from?

    Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts

    Address Greensboro, North Carolina United States
    Coordinates 36.0760873°N 79.7896652°WCoordinates:36.0760873°N 79.7896652°W
    Type performing arts center
    Capacity 3,000

    What did Tanger outlets used to be called?

    U.S.A. Incorporated: 1981 as Stanley K. Tanger & Co.