The 9 Best Rums for Piña Coladas in 2022

What rum is best for Piña Colada?

The 9 Best Rums for Piña Coladas in 2022

  • Best Overall: Don Q Gran Reserva Anejo XO.
  • Best Budget: Myers’s Rum.
  • Best Non-Caribbean: BATI 2yr Fijian White Rum.
  • Best White: Plantation 3 Stars.
  • Best Overproof: Rum Fire Overproof Jamaican Rum.
  • Best Coconut Rum: Don Q Coco.
  • Best Age Statement: Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 Year.

What mixes well with coconut rum?

What Mixes Well With Coconut Rum

  • Ginger ale.
  • Ginger beer.
  • Club soda.
  • Lemonade or limeade.
  • Orange juice.
  • Pineapple juice.
  • Guava juice.
  • RumChata.

Does Malibu work for pina coladas?

Malibu Piña Colada – Frozen In a blender add 3 cups ice, 4 ounces Malibu rum, 4 ounces pineapple juice, 3 ounces cream of coconut, and 1 squeeze of lime juice. Blend. Mix on the high blender setting until smooth and frothy.

Can you use coconut milk instead of cream in Piña Colada?

As mentioned before, some people think that a traditional Pina Colada is too sweet, but that can be remedied by using coconut cream or coconut milk instead of cream of coconut.

Can you use any rum for piña colada?

Any rum that’s made for mixing up cocktails should do the trick. You don’t want to make the drink overwhelmingly sweet, but you don’t want something that takes over either. What is this? If you want a foolproof base, many rums are flavored with coconut or pineapple, often with pina coladas in mind specifically.

Can you use dark rum for Piña Coladas?

What Is the Best Rum for Making Piña Coladas? Traditionally, the Piña Colada is made with white rum, but a dark rum, like an aged Spanish rum, also works wonderfully in Piña Coladas. Aged Spanish rums reflect the effects of time spent in the barrel, which are usually former charred bourbon barrels.

Can you drink coconut rum straight?

It doesn’t matter how you came to own it, that bottle of coconut rum isn’t going to drink itself. But you don’t have to make complicated cocktails or big batches of punch to use it up. Simply pour an ounce or two into a glass, add ice and top it off with one of these mixers.

What do u mix Malibu rum with?

Good Mixers for Malibu Rum

  • Pineapple juice.
  • Tropical flavored vodkas, such as pineapple.
  • Lime, grapefruit, or orange juice.
  • RumChata.
  • Lemon-lime soda and a dash of grenadine.
  • Cranberry juice.
  • Cola.
  • Ginger ale or ginger beer.

Do pina coladas have alcohol in them?

Although there are many different versions of the drink (including non-alcoholic), the classic piña colada is made with rum, pineapple juice, heavy cream, and coconut cream. The ingredients make the drink creamy and sweet, but they also make it a drink high in calories and fat.

How do you drink Malibu coconut rum?

Try Malibu Original in a number of cocktails. Blend it with fresh strawberries for a flavorful daiquiri or shake with orange juice and grenadine to enjoy a fruity Caribbean Sunrise. Malibu Original is also delicious on its own or mixed with cranberry juice or cola.

Is cream of coconut the same as coconut cream?

They are not interchangeable! Coconut cream is unsweetened and very thick; cream of coconut is very sweet with a syrupier texture. This means that recipes that call for each are optimized for sugar content.

What can I use instead of coconut cream in a piña colada?


  1. The piña colada is a very thick drink, even the shaken version.
  2. If you can’t find cream of coconut, you can use coconut cream—just be sure to add sugar or simple syrup, to taste, to compensate for the lack of sweetness.
  3. Canned pineapple juice is convenient.