New operators Nokk and Warden – hailing from the Danish Jaeger Corps and US Secret Service respectively – both bring familiar weapons and gadgets to Siege’s increasingly complex meta.

What race is NOKK?

New operators Nokk and Warden – hailing from the Danish Jaeger Corps and US Secret Service respectively – both bring familiar weapons and gadgets to Siege’s increasingly complex meta.

Is Jager a 2 speed?

Jager is now two speed, two armour. As Ubisoft explains in the patch notes, “Jager is a very strong roamer and multiple data points demonstrate his huge presence in-game.

How long will r6 siege last?

10 years

What is toxic behavior in Rainbow Six Siege?

Toxic behaviour as outlined by the Rainbow Six Siege code of conduct includes harassment or bullying, either verbal or via voice chat, and the use of any obscene or discriminatory language.

Who is the heaviest op in R6?


Can you get banned for being toxic in r6?

Ubisoft now auto-bans Rainbow Six Siege players who use toxic language. Second and third offenses will cost players 2 hours of game time, and any following toxic language will result in an official investigation and potentially a permanent ban from the game.

Is AK-12 good?

The only strong advantage the AK-12 has over its predecessor is it is easier to mount optics and weight. The accuracy didn’t improve much, and since they take the same bullet, there is no diffenice in stopping power. The AK-74 is much cheaper, and the AK-74/47 have millions of parts floating around.

Is the AK-12 A good gun?

Overall, the AK-12 represents an improvement in almost every aspect versus the AK-74M. The ergonomic changes are an amalgamation of aftermarket upgrades that were already available and used on the AK-74M by some Russian SOF units and other military units.

Is Cav NOKK?

Nokk is just cav…. But on attack. Cav got bored of being a defender so she killed vigil, took his gadget and sneakily made it onto attack.

When did SMG 11 lose ACOG?


Is NOKK getting an ACOG?

No. She does not get an acog.

When did Ash lose her ACOG?

After the release of a recent Dev Blog from Ubisoft on Feb. 14th, 2019. It was announced that they plan on removing the acog from our beloved operator Ash on her R4-C. It is stated that it is to reduce the pick rate of Ash as she has an extremely high pick rate.

Why did r6 remove ACOG?

Both as a nerf and to test removing ACOGs from more attackers.

What is the best gun in r6?

The 5 Best Weapons In Rainbow: Six Siege (& The 5 Worst)

  1. 1 W AR33. In the same way that the F2 excels in almost every region, the AR33 is dead average across the board.
  2. 2 B Twitch’s F2. The F2 is widely considered the best gun in the game, with every aspect being far above par.
  3. 3 W 5.7.
  4. 4 B Hibana’s Type 89.
  5. 5 W BOSG.
  6. 6 W RG15.
  7. 7 W 417 Rifle.
  8. 8 B Bearing-9.

Is Doc losing ACOG?

Doc. The next season of Rainbow Six Siege will remove the ACOG from MP5 and P90. In addition, alongside Jager, the French medic will soon be made a two-armor two-speed operator. Furthermore, Doc’s Bulletproof Camera will be replaced by Impact Grenades.

Is R6 2021 dying?

It’s not dying. But that isn’t because of game quality, and instead it’s just because the game is popular. Since the whole craig robinson staff abuse fiasco the devs no longer feel motivated to work on or even play the game and no longer understand it as a result.

Is the AK 12 good in r6?

The AK-12 is the second highest damage per second weapon in the game (only beaten by the SMG-11) but it has never received the appreciation it deserves.

Is Kapkan a 2 speed?

Maxim “Kapkan” Basuda (Russian: Максим Басудa) is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege….Voice Actor.

Armor Rating Speed Rating
●●○ Medium ●●○ Normal

Is Doc A 1 speed?

TEAM – Defender / ARMOR – 3 / SPEED – 1.

Does ash still have an ACOG?

The R4-C, Ash’s most used primary weapon, will no longer support an ACOG sight. According to Ubisoft, the weapon is picked 99% of the time, which shouldn’t be the case. “Ash is very popular, and very strong,” reads Ubisoft designer notes blog.