Part One

What monsters to breed to get a legendary?

Part One

  • Rhynex and Darknubis for Nemestrinus.
  • Skipples and Duchess for Vadamagna.
  • Musu and Terracrank for Rockantium.
  • Rabidex and Tartarus for Thorder.
  • Razfeesh and Drop Elemental for Lord of Atlantis.
  • Fayemelina and Darknubis for Darkzgul.
  • Erpham and Drop Elemental for Goldfield.
  • Goldcore and Esthirel for Arch Knight.

Is it possible to breed legendary monsters in monster legends?

Only certain legendary monsters are permanently breedable in the game. Outside of any breeding event, the combinations listed below are the only ways to breed the particular monsters. Chances of obtaining the monster are low, believed to be 10% or lower.

How do you get Voltaik?

  1. Buy him in the shop for full price.
  2. Wait for one of those special sales.
  3. Buy his cells from the Monster Lab.
  4. When you level up to 54 there’s a one time offer to buy him for 195 gems.
  5. When you level up to 102 there’s another one time offer to buy him for 225 gems.

How many hours does it take to breed a legendary?

All legendary monsters have the same breeding time: 1 day 22 hours. All epics have the same breeding time: 1d 9 hours.

What does M mean in Monster Legends?

By introducing mythic monsters, they will make legendaries obsolete (just like commons, uncommons, rares, and epics are). Fox has even said they intend to not make any new legendaries. Everything is going mythic. This way, they can carefully re-craft what the most viable strategies are in the game.

Is Santerion good in Monster Legends?

Santerion is an absolutely broken Metal Tank who holds the top spot for the best Legendary Tank in the game. His Trait is busted on so many levels it’s not even funny. Mega Taunt(AS A TRAIT, mind you) protects his Team in case of PER, requiring Trait Disable to even touch any allies.

Is ROFL good monster legends?

R.O.F.L. is weak to Earth, so General Atum does a great job at stunning him while reducing the accuracy of his status effects with his Tough trait. He is easily denied. You can use monsters like Xiron the Emerald for that. NER users destroy R.O.F.L.’s main gimmick.

Is Arumel good in monster legends?

Arumel is an amazing Light attacker with great stats and also one of the first Mythics to be introduced in the game. Her main gimmick is Evil Legions Hater, which she uses efficiently to decimate monsters in the Evil Legions.

What monster takes 22 hours to breed?

Rare monsters take from 15 seconds to two hours to hatch, while Legendary and Mythic require a day and 22 hours. You can speed up the process by spending gold and gems.

What takes 22 hours to breed in monster legends?

All legendary monsters have the same breeding time: 1 day 22 hours. All epics have the same breeding time: 1d 9 hours. Stop necroposting, people.

What are all the breeds in monster legends?

What Is Monster Legends?

  • Monster Legends Breeding Guide with charts
  • How to Breed Legendary
  • Water
  • Nature
  • Epic
  • Metal
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Electric
  • How to breed legendary monsters in monster legends?

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  • How to breed rhynex in monster legends?

    If nothing got wrong, you will have that monster on the 1/X try. Therefore, you will have to “used” (1/X – 1) times for failing, the expected time will be Expected Average Breeding Time = Average Fail Breeding Time * (1/X – 1). Example: Firesaur (F) + Treezard (N) versus Firesaur (F) + Greenasaur (F,N)

    How to breed Djinn in monster legends?

    Okami is the Japanese word for “wolf.”

  • Wolves have a special significance in Japanese folklore.
  • Was,at one time,a Recruitment Tavern reward.