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What models did Pontiac make in 1960?

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Name Year Introduced Vehicle Information
Tempest 1960 Compact (1960–1962), mid-size (1963–1970)
Ventura 1960 Full-size, later compact
Grand Prix 1962 Personal luxury car (1962–1987), full-size car (1996–2008), mid-size car (1988–1996, 1996–2002 coupe)
LeMans 1962 Compact (1962–1963), mid-size (1964–1981)

What is the name of a classic Pontiac?

The Pontiac Grand Am – coined from two of the most popular classic Pontiac nameplates, the Pontiac Grand Prix and legendary Pontiac Trans Am – is far from obscure. As far as forgotten Pontiacs go, there are better candidates than Grand Am which appeared in three instances.

What cars did Pontiac make in 1963?


  • Catalina.
  • Grand Prix.
  • Lemans.
  • Star Chief.
  • Tempest.
  • Tempest Custom.
  • Tempest Lemans.
  • What cars did Pontiac make in 1967?


  • Catalina.
  • Catalina 2 Plus 2.
  • Executive.
  • Firebird.
  • Grand Prix.
  • GTO.
  • Lemans.
  • What is the rarest Pontiac ever made?

    Since only 108 convertibles were made under the name in 1969, the convertible Judge is the rarest of the trim.

    What cars did Pontiac make in 1955?

    1955 was first year for the overhead valve V8 engine. 1955 Pontiac production began Oct 4, 1954 and cars were introduced to the public 15 days later. Except for station wagons, Chieftain 860 and Chieftain 870 models were the same except for trim and price. Star Chief was the “high end” model.

    What cars did Pontiac make in 2004?

    2004 Pontiac Cars

    • 2004 Pontiac Aztek Starting at $21,275.
    • 2004 Pontiac Bonneville Starting at $27,185.
    • 2004 Pontiac Grand Am Starting at $17,070.
    • 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Starting at $22,415.
    • 2004 Pontiac GTO Starting at $31,795.
    • 2004 Pontiac Montana Starting at $23,335.
    • 2004 Pontiac Sunfire Starting at $10,895.

    What is a Pontiac Star Chief?

    The Pontiac Star Chief is an automobile model which was manufactured by Pontiac between 1954 and 1966. It was Pontiac’s top trim package on the Pontiac Chieftain, with later generations built on longer wheelbases, and serving as the foundation platform for the Pontiac Bonneville.