Dimethyl carbonate

What is the structure of dimethyl carbonate?

Dimethyl carbonate

PubChem CID 12021
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Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula C3H6O3 or H3COCOOCH3
Synonyms Dimethyl carbonate 616-38-6 Methyl carbonate Carbonic acid, dimethyl ester Methyl carbonate ((MeO)2CO) More…

What is dimethyl carbonate used for?

Dimethyl carbonate is an environmentally friendly solvent used to make coatings, adhesives, and cleaning agents. DMC is also used as a raw material for organic synthesis, and in reactions that include methylation, carbonylation, and carbomethoxylation.

What is DMC liquid?

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is an organic compound with the formula OC(OCH3)2. It is a colourless, flammable liquid. It is classified as a carbonate ester.

Is DMC a green solvent?

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is an established solvent and a green reagent which continues to attract attention. It is a nonpolar aprotic solvent with good miscibility with water, biodegrades readily in the atmosphere, and is non-toxic.

How do you make dimethyl carbonate?

Dimethyl carbonate molecule. Despite being able to be synthesized by numerous routes, DMC is only industrially produced by three different routes: liquid phase oxidative carbonylation of methanol, vapor phase oxidative carbonylation of methanol and transesterification of ethylene carbonate with methanol.

How is dimethyl carbonate made?

Dimethyl Carbonate–Methanol Separation DMC is prepared industrially by the reaction of methanol with carbon monoxide and oxygen. The process produces a mixture of methanol and DMC, which cannot be separated by simple distillation owing to the formation of an azeotrope.

Is DMC polar?

DMC has substantial polar nature, and moderate h-bonding strength effective in replacing esters, glycol ethers and ketones in formulations. It has a fast evaporation rate, similar to MEK and toluene.

Is diethyl carbonate an ester?

Diethyl carbonate (sometimes abbreviated DEC) is an ester of carbonic acid and ethanol with the formula OC(OCH2CH3)2. At room temperature (25 °C) diethyl carbonate is a colorless liquid with a low flash point. Diethyl carbonate is used as a solvent such as in erythromycin intramuscular injections.

Why DMC is a green reagent?

DMC, produced nowadays by a clean process, possesses properties of no toxicity and biodegradability which makes it a true green reagent to be used in syntheses that prevent pollution at the source.

Is propylene carbonate a VOC?

Propylene carbonate is a minimal risk inert. It has low toxicity, low ecotox, low odor, high solvency, high boiling point, high flash point, low evaporation rate, and low vapor pressure. It is VOC-exempt in the U.S. including California.

Who makes dimethyl carbonate?

Ube Industries Ltd. (Japan) and Shandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (China) are leading players in Dimethyl Carbonate Market. The dimethyl carbonate market is projected to grow from USD 847 million in 2021 to USD 1,148 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2021 to 2026.

What is the molar mass of dimethyl carbonate?

Compound Information Name: dimethyl carbonate Formula: C3H6O3 Molar Mass: 90.078 Additional Names: methyl carbonate carbonic acid, dimethyl ester

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What are the other names for methyl carbonate carbonic acid?

Additional Names: methyl carbonate carbonic acid, dimethyl ester Please be patient while the web interface loads… Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled and you must be a registered user in order to access this service’s experimental data and recommended values.

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