“If We Must Die” is a Shakespearean sonnet written by the Jamaican poet Claude McKay in 1919. It is a poem of political resistance: it calls for oppressed people to resist their oppressors, violently and bravely—even if they die in the struggle.

What is the main idea of if we must die?

“If We Must Die” is a Shakespearean sonnet written by the Jamaican poet Claude McKay in 1919. It is a poem of political resistance: it calls for oppressed people to resist their oppressors, violently and bravely—even if they die in the struggle.

How should a person face death in if we must die?

Claude McKay wrote a poem known as “If We Must Die”. In this poem, the speaker puts emphasis on the ideology that nobody should stand still when their time is close. They should not go down without a tough fight. Giving in is the most cowardly act and one should be courageous enough to show death what you are made of.

Who according to the poet died?

According to the poet, the six people who were trapped in the harsh and bitter cold died not because of the cold outside, but the cold within them. He wants to explain the readers that they died due to the coldness of prejudice, malice, selfishness and suspicion for each other, inside their hearts.

What is the tone in the poem If we must die?

The tone of “If We Must Die” conveys inspiration, while the tone of “Harlem” is frustration which indicates the difference between the poets’ attitudes toward racial oppression. In the first eight lines of “If We Must Die”, the speaker insists on dying nobly.

What is the meaning of the last stanza?

last stanza means i think the last act or event given in that poem or story thats it.

What do the first four lines establish?

Answer. Answer: Explanation: The First Four Lines Establish the basic premise of the poem: The speaker and his allies are under attack and are going to die, and force opposing them is powerful and vicious.

Is there any message in the death of all the persons in the group what is it?

Explanation: Yes,all six persons dies as each of them suffers from lack of humanity, selfishness,ratial bitterness and hatred towards others and they died not because of cold outside but by cold within.

What killed the six humans explain?

The six humans died due to the cold. Their hatred for each other prevented them from giving up their sticks to keep the fire going and so they all died due to the cold. But actually it was the cold in their hearts which killed them.

What does the speaker ask the reader to do at the beginning of the poem?

The speaker in the poem begins by using the imperative form of the verb, asking openly from her loved one to remember her once she is no longer alive, when she is “gone far away into the silent land.” All in all, she asks the auditor explicitly to remember her three times in the first part of the sonnet, and she …

How does the persona describe his enemies in if we must die?

Answer Expert Verified the persona first describes his enemies as vicious and vile. At the end of the poem they are then called a “cowardly pack.” Even though at the beginning and at the end of his poem his enemies are evil and murderous the persona calls them cowards and implies that they are only brave in numbers.

What is the speaker asking all of us to do?

Answer: The speaker is asking the reader to enjoy the laughter found in nature….. the happiness that surrounds us.

What is the poet’s tone in the poem?

The poet’s attitude toward the poem’s speaker, reader, and subject matter, as interpreted by the reader. Often described as a “mood” that pervades the experience of reading the poem, it is created by the poem’s vocabulary, metrical regularity or irregularity, syntax, use of figurative language, and rhyme.

What does it mean to be unconquered in Invictus?

It means to not be eaten or overwhelmed by a situation or circumstance. The person asserts that one not be conquered by the hardship or the adversities one faces.

What is the persona asking the reader to bring?

Although there are no options attached, we can say the following. What the persona is asking the reader to bring, according to one of the verses of the poem is “more promises, contrived images, false hopes when in truth you’re thinking how to butcher us even more.”

What is the message of if we must die?

There is the strongest message of fighting back and dying with dignity among the battles. There are also themes of honor and courage in warfare. The speaker of the poem is letting those fighting know that their deaths in this battle will be ones of honor. They must not be afraid, but stand strong to die with dignity.

What does the speaker want the reader to do?

Through referring to this type of day as “worse than lost,” the narrator shows that what they truly want is not for the reader to reflect at dusk but rather to find, should they reflect at dusk, that the reader’s day was spent in service to others.

How can one die nobly?

Answer: One can die nobly by “dying but fighting back.” The author is trying to convince the reader to keep fighting for whatever it is you want. He says that giving up and giving in to things without ever trying it like dying like a hog.

What is the mood of if we must die?