11 Best Portable Wifi Routers in Malaysia [2022]

What is the best portable WiFi in Malaysia?

11 Best Portable Wifi Routers in Malaysia [2022]

  • Portable Wifi Malaysia.
  • Tenda 4G185 Portable WIFI – Portable Wifi Malaysia.
  • D-Link DWR-932C Portable WIFI – Portable Wifi Malaysia.
  • Mercusys N300 Wireless Mini – Portable Wifi Malaysia.
  • 4GLTE WiFi Modem – Portable Wifi Malaysia.
  • Netgear AirCard AC797 – Portable Wifi Malaysia.

What plan has unlimited hotspot in Malaysia?

unifi Air Wireless Broadband Plan by Telekom Malaysia (TM) The unifi Air SIM only plan is pretty straight forward. It cost RM79 a month (excluding SST) and comes with high-speed wireless Internet access with unlimited Internet for all usage.

Is there unlimited portable WiFi?

There are no unlimited mobile hotspot device plans (yup, you read that right—you’ll have to use a cell phone plan like we mentioned earlier if you’re interested in getting unlimited data). All data-only hotspot plans limit the amount of data you can use.

Which unlimited plan is the best in Malaysia?

U Mobile’s Giler Unlimited Prepaid GX30 is the best prepaid plan in Malaysia for its value. For only RM1 a day, you get unlimited data and unlimited calls to all networks. You also don’t just get unlimited data. It is one of the fastest prepaid plans out there with 6mbps speed, which allows you uninterrupted streaming.

Is portable WiFi worth it?

There are many advantages! A Pocket WiFi will give you full access to the internet. You will also have access to every data consuming application on your smartphone, tablet or computer like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is small and slight, so it is very comfortable to carry.

Which telco has unlimited hotspot?

Unifi Mobile Bebas Prepaid Unlimited Data Plan Malaysia RM35 This plan is currently the cheapest for mobile users that needed unlimited hotspot and can be used with smartphone, 4G mifi or 4G router.

Can Digi Unlimited hotspot?

Digi Prepaid Mobile Plans Now with Unlimited Social & Extra Hotspot!

Does unlimited data mean unlimited internet?

In the confusing, arcane world of cellular service plans, “unlimited data” often doesn’t really mean unlimited. Instead, it means your speed gets reduced if you use too much. Yeah, you can slurp all the data you like, but you’ll do so at nearly unusable speeds if you get too greedy.

What is an unlimited internet plan in Malaysia?

A lot of Malaysian consumers are looking for unlimited prepaid Internet plans these days. An unlimited mobile Internet plan allows unlimited gaming, non-stop video and music streaming, among others, on their smartphone.

What is teletelekom Malaysia’s Unifi Air Broadband Plan?

Telekom Malaysia’s Unifi Air wireless broadband, like their other plans, comes with no frills. For starters, Unifi Air has a SIM-card-only plan that comes with unlimited Internet, which you can cancel any time without having to pay a penalty. The 4G LTE Internet speed reaches 20mbps for up to 64 devices.

How much does it cost to get free broadband in Malaysia?

All your internet needs along with free broadband modem for less than RM 100 per month. Available in all major towns in East Malaysia, browse the internet all day long at your convenient with this 4G-quality home broadband. At only RM 98 per month, get blazing fast wireless connection at your finger tip and higher data pool limit.

Which is the best 4G mobile broadband service in Malaysia?

For less than RM 50, you can grab the best 4G mobile broadband service in Malaysia! Enjoy cash rebates and extra data when you sign up for a Yes modem. Faster 4G surfing with Yes, the nation’s most reliable broadband network. Grab additional off-peak data when you subscribe for a Yes mobile broadband plan.