What is BatMUD?

BatMUD is a huge, fantasy oriented, text-based game that has been running since 14th april 1990. There are constantly over 100 players online with whom you can share the world, but if you prefer solitude, there is more than enough room for lonely wolf (man)s too.

What are the different guilds in BatMUD?

They also represent their guilds, such as rangers, mages, templars, sabres, beastmasters, bards, reavers, assasins, merchants and so on from the 44 different guilds that are recruiting new members. While in other games you might become frustrated if you made some bad choices when you started playing, in BatMUD there is no such worry.

When was BatMUD registered as a trademark?

In 2004, B.A.T. ry applied for the BatMUD ™ Trade Mark and BatMUD was registered as a Trade Mark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in April 5, 2005. Also, a 91-page Pro graduation thesis emerges from the University of Lapland, themed “Artificial Intelligence in text-based computer games’ dramaturgy.

What is BatMUD-the end?

“Batmud – The End ™ (Kristenlee Sadowski Sep 3 1994) (Faerwon is the BatMUD “God of War”; Anipa and Zonni were gods on BatMUD, high ranking immortals, the culprit of this story now avatarized. “Abuse your players, and they’ll leave.”