What is another word for complex?

What is another name for complex?

What is another word for complex?

complicated involved
intricate convoluted
tangled elaborate
difficult hard
impenetrable labyrinthine

What is the difference between complicated and complex?

If a problem is complex, it means that it has many components. Complexity does not evoke difficulty. On the other hand, complicated refers to a high level of difficulty. If a problem is complicated, there might be or might not be many parts but it will certainly take a lot of hard work to solve.

What type of character often has a personality that is the opposite of that of the story’s main character?

foil character

How are simple complex related?

Answer Expert Verified the terms are related in the sense that they are antonyms. The definition of simple (basic, easy to understand, not complicated) is the opposite of the definition of complex (containing many facets, difficult to understand, complicated).

What is the opposite of the word complex?

complex. Antonyms: obvious, plain, simple, direct, inobscure, superficial, vague, loose, unraveled. Synonyms: intricate, multifarious, compound, complicated, multifold, involved, deep, many-sided, abstruse, close, tangled, obscure.

What is the best antonym for complex?

antonyms of complex

  • simple.
  • single.
  • uniform.
  • unmixed.
  • apparent.
  • clear.
  • direct.
  • discernible.

Can a person’s character change?

And while personality traits are relatively stable over time, they can and often do gradually change across the life span. Sudden, dramatic changes in personality are rare. Due to their effects on behavior and continuity over time, personality traits help shape the course of people’s lives.

What is simple and complex?

A simple sentence expresses one thought or clause with one subject and a predicate. A complex sentence is two or more thoughts or clauses, usually connected by a conjunction.

What type of character undergoes change?

A dynamic character, in contrast, is one that does undergo an important change in the course of the story.

What type of character changes over time and has complex?

A dynamic character is a character who undergoes significant internal change throughout the course of a story. The development of a dynamic character is often subtle and unstated and is not due to a change in the character’s circumstances.

How do you develop a complex character?

5 Tips for Creating Complex Characters

  1. Give them contradictions. No, contradictions in character doesn’t necessarily mean annoying or hypocritical or bad.
  2. Don’t be afraid to give them unlikable qualities.
  3. Don’t forget about subtext.
  4. Be intentional with their background.
  5. Remember that contrasting and paralleling is important.

What’s the opposite of boring?

What is the opposite of boring?

interesting fascinating
riveting gripping
absorbing engaging
engrossing exciting
stimulating exhilarating

How do you change a simple sentence into a complex?

“Being/ Verb+ing” in a simple sentence, to convert into a complex sentence by adding “as/when/since” at the first half of the sentence. Simple Sentence: After winning a beauty contest she cried. Complex Sentence: As she won the beauty contest, she cried.

What is the difference between compound and complex sentences?

A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. A complex sentence has at least one independent clause plus at least one dependent clause. …