agregada [aɡreˈɡadu , aɡreˈɡada] masculine noun, feminine noun. lavrador) tenant farmer.

What is agregado in english?

agregada [aɡreˈɡadu , aɡreˈɡada] masculine noun, feminine noun. lavrador) tenant farmer.

What does on the aggregate mean?

: with the scores of a series of matches added together Our team won the same number of matches, but their team scored more goals so they won on aggregate.

Is it on aggregate or in aggregate?

Aggregate is commonly employed in the phrase “in the aggregate,” which means “considered as a whole.” Aggregate also has some specialized senses. For example, it is used to describe a mass of minerals formed into a rock, and materials like sand or gravel that are used to form concrete, mortar, or plaster.

What is called sIkhnA?

learn transitive or intransitive verb. If you learn from an experience, you change the way you behave so that it does not happen again, or so that you can deal with it if it happens again. He has learned a lot from his mistakes. /sikhana, sIkhanA, seekhanaa, sīkhanā, sikhna, sIkhnA, seekhnaa, sīkhnā/

How do you use the word aggregate?

Aggregate sentence example

  1. The libraries of the city contain an aggregate of some 300,000 volumes.
  2. There are nine small city parks with an aggregate area of 39.1 acres.
  3. Specimens may be sent to Europe for expert examination up to an aggregate weight of 2000 tons, on paying the requisite duties.

What does aggregate mean in business?

What is Aggregation? Aggregation refers to an act of grouping items or things as a whole. This term can be used in various contexts, disciplines, and industries.

What does reported in aggregate mean?

Aggregate data refers to numerical or non-numerical information that is (1) collected from multiple sources and/or on multiple measures, variables, or individuals and (2) compiled into data summaries or summary reports, typically for the purposes of public reporting or statistical analysis—i.e., examining trends.

What is Chalana called in English?

To drive
To drive, or drive a vehicle, means to control it so that it goes where you want it to go.

What is Mehnat in English?

/mehanata/ nf. effort variable noun. If you do something with effort, or if it is an effort, you can do it but you find it physically or mentally demanding.

What does aggregate form mean?

Aggregate form, with respect to data, shall mean data or information submitted by three or more persons that have been summed or assembled in such a manner so as not to reveal, directly or indirectly, the identity or business of any such person.

What are aggregate payments?

Payment aggregation is a processing arrangement when a large business (called the aggregator) is processing transactions on behalf of many smaller businesses belonging to its portfolio.

What is an aggregate in finance?

Aggregation is the consolidation of an individual’s financial data from multiple institutions to one singular institution. Account aggregation, as a finance management concept, is typically completed by an individual’s financial planner to create cohesion, clarity, and simplicity.