What is a soapbox?

Definition of soapbox. : an improvised platform used by a self-appointed, spontaneous, or informal orator broadly : something that provides an outlet for delivering opinions.

Should you use social media as a soapbox?

— Ed Stockly, Los Angeles Times, 31 July 2021 Careful thought should be given before climbing onto a soapbox to lecture about parenthood. — Star Tribune, 19 June 2021 Business leaders and thought leaders should think of social media as a chance to build networks and amplify others’ voices — not just as a personal soapbox.

What is the difference between CMG client and CMG server?

The Client is the device that starts the connection, requiring an outbound port. The Server is the device that accepts the connection, requiring an inbound port. When you allow the CMG to function as a cloud distribution point and serve content from Azure storage, some additional requirements apply.

What happens when a CMG is used as a location?

When a client uses a CMG as a content location: The management point gives the client an access token along with the list of content sources. This token is valid for 24 hours, and gives the client access to the cloud-based content source. The management point responds to the client’s location request with the service name of the CMG.