Level I certificate: awarded for. completing a program consisting of at. least 15 and no more than 42 semester. credit hours.

What is a Level 1 certificate?

Level I certificate: awarded for. completing a program consisting of at. least 15 and no more than 42 semester. credit hours.

How do teachers get recertified in PA?

Pennsylvania Teaching Certification Renewal

  1. 6 post-baccalaureate college credits.
  2. 6 Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved in-service credits.
  3. 180 continuing education hours.
  4. A combination of the above; each college credit equals 30 continuing education hours.

How do I submit my ACT 48 credits in PA?

Requesting Act 48 Hours / Credits via www.act48hours.com is very easy! What is www.act48hours.com? Your request will be sent to the Provider. After the Provider verifies that the hours/credits were completed, the Provider will submit your hours/credits to the PA Department of Education Records Management Site.

What states can I teach in with a PA certification?

Completed a state-approved teacher education program, including a supervised student teaching experience, leading to a comparable or broader certificate in the member state….Pennsylvania Teacher Reciprocity Agreements.

Alabama California
Kansas Maine
New Hampshire New York
Tennessee Vermont

What is a PDE certification?

​PDE approved preparation programs are designed to prepare and certify educators to teach or serve in Pennsylvania schools. Preparation programs are offered by colleges/universities, intermediate units or other educational entities.

What does Ppid stand for?


Acronym Definition
PPID Pituitary Pars Intermedius Disfunction (aka Equine Cushing’s Disease)
PPID Parent Process Identifier
PPID Positive Patient Identification
PPID Parent Process Identification

What is my PA personnel ID?

​PAsecureID is a unique, permanent, anonymous state-wide student ID assigned to all students upon their first entry into the Commonwealth public school system.

Is my pa teaching certificate valid?

No. Pennsylvania certificates are not renewable. An Instructional I or Educational Specialist I is valid for a maximum of 6 service years in Pennsylvania. Instructional and Educational Specialist certificates are “valid” for six (6) years of service teaching in the area of the certificate.

How do I find my PDE ID number?

Educators can find their PPID by going to PDE’s website at www.education.pa.gov (scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click “Act 48 Reporting System” under PDE Online Services).

What is a Level 2 certificate?

Level 1 / Level 2 certificates were designed to provide an alternative to GCSEs. The purpose is to provide a qualification of the same size and level as GCSE which does not require controlled assessment and which has a linear structure and assessment by terminal examination.

How do I find my Ppid?

Your PPID is issued by logging into the TIMS portal and setting up a profile. After your profile is set up, your PPID is located on your TIMS personal profile page.