What is a hrs-12 subwoofer?

The HRS-12 is a modestly sized powered subwoofer with a front firing 12 inch driver housed in a cubic enclosure that is a mere 1½ inch larger than the driver.   Considering that standard cabinet design is ¾” MDF, the HRS-12 is no larger than the driver and the thickness of the panel to either side.

When did the Sunfire true subwoofer come out?

Bob Carver introduced Sunfire Corporation in 1994 and soon launched the Sunfire True Subwoofer, a diminutive 11 inch cube that boasted a 2700 watt amplifier with dual 8 inch drivers.

Are the hrs-12s worth the price?

Considering that the HRS-12s can easily provide better than two thirds of the performance of subs like the Fathoms at a mere one third of the price, the HRS-12s are a well engineered, high value product that represents a very good bargain for anyone looking for extreme levels of bass performance at less than extreme prices. Like This?

What are your experiences with the hrs-12?

HRS-12 impressions I had the HRS-12 in my system for about a week. I had limited time to actually play with it but the HRS left a very favorable impression. At first I ran it with my dual F113’s placed front right (the Fathoms are on the left side wall) and felt it blended very well with the Fathoms.