What is a C-R Zone?

The C-R zone is intended to permit multifamily residential uses to be located on lots in this zone either as the sole use or in conjunction with commercial and office uses. (Ord. 1746 § 2 (part), 2013: prior code § 10-3.1001)

What is CGR products?

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What are the rules for C-R zoning?

All C-R uses shall be conducted wholly within a totally enclosed building, with the exception of outdoor dining which may be allowed subject to site plan review; B. The following uses shall be permitted in the C-R zone:

What is supportive housing in the C-R Zone?

F. Supportive housing, subject only to those restrictions that apply to other residential dwellings of the same type in the C-R zone. (Ord. 1746 § 2 (part), 2013)