“Reformed” is the 5th episode of the second season of Steven Universe, and the 57th episode overall.

What episode does Pearl reform?

“Reformed” is the 5th episode of the second season of Steven Universe, and the 57th episode overall.

How did Garnet change her appearance?

Garnet’s color’s changed because like all gems, they update their forms after they poof. Over time, fusions grow and change as their component gems grow and change. Opal and Sugutlite were each slightly different when they made they’re second appearance.

How strong is Garnet SU?

Garnet is capable of throwing with a force stronger than Sugilite weighs. While Sugilite is obviously stronger, it is probably mostly because she is large. Hey, if you suddenly grew 60 feet and given a flail, I bet you would be able to knock down a communications hub! Garnet can throw with a lot more force per inch.

Who does Garnet have a crush on?

When Jamie met Garnet in “Love Letters”, he instantly developed a crush on her.

Is Pearl a fusion?

She has known about her true identity as a fusion for several thousand years. In “Cry for Help”, it is apparent that Pearl looks up to Garnet as she is excited to fuse into Sardonyx to destroy the Communication Hub that Peridot rebuilt.

How old is spinel from Steven Universe?

Series Steven Universe
Age 6,000 years old
Birthday Unknown

How tall is Garnet from SU?

Rose Quartz: 210 cm. Garnet: 190 cm.

Can Garnet beat Steven?

Given Steven’s pink powers he is likely stronger than Garnet given how easily he brushed aside Jasper. However, Steven may have more physical power than Garnet he doesn’t have a millennium of combat experience. Garnet could still probably beat Steven with a combination of power and technique.

Who is the weakest gem in Steven Universe?

“Peridot confirmed as the weakest gem in Steven Universe (and the most self conscious)” by kayydotts | Steven Universe.

Does Garnet like Steven?

She loves Steven deeply, and rarely gets mad at him unless he disobeys an order such as in “Mirror Gem”. It is evident that Garnet holds a high amount of trust in Steven and his judgment, listening to his ideas in “Cheeseburger Backpack” and “Marble Madness”.

Does Pearl have a crush on Rose?

Yes, Pearl loved Rose deeply, and Steven’s presence is a constant reminder that Rose didn’t love her in quite the same way. (Never mind what happened in “Now We’re Only Falling Apart,” because their iffy relationship dynamics are another essay.) But even Pearl recognizes that something about herself is skewed.

Does Peridot fuse with lapis?

Peridot isn’t ready to fuse, Lapis had an abusive relationship involving fusion, and as a pair, they don’t need to fuse to work together and be close.