Example: 104 = 10 × 10 × 10 × 10 = 10,000.

What does 10 to the power of 4 mean?

Example: 104 = 10 × 10 × 10 × 10 = 10,000.

How do you add a bubble in Word?

Position the cursor on the Word document and press and hold down the left mouse button. Drag until the word bubble is your preferred size, then release. The bubble appears on the page.

How do I create a multiple-choice question in Word 2016?

Type the number “1” and a period or closing bracket followed by a space to start your first question. As you type in the text of the question, Word automatically formats the number into a list, which keeps the questions aligned and saves you from having to type further numbers by hand.

How do you insert a speech bubble in Word 2010?

You’d be surprised at just how easy it is to make a speech bubble in Word. Let’s get straight to it and add one now. On the Insert tab, click Shapes (in the Illustrations group) > Oval Callout. The shapes are not visibly named, but the Oval Callout shape is in the Callouts section near the bottom.

How do I create a multiple-choice form in Word?

Open up MS Word and on the toolbar, select View, Toolbars, and click on Forms toolbar. The forms toolbar will appear on your document. 2. On your document, type what you would like and when you come to the space that you want the multiple choices to occur go up to the Forms toolbar.

How do I integrate in Word?

How to insert an equation with integral

  1. Create your own equation.
  2. Under Equation Tools, on the Design tab, in the Structures group, click the Integral button:
  3. In the integral template:
  4. Under Equation Tools, on the Design tab, in the Symbols group, in the list of symbols choose .
  5. Then enter dA=.

How do I insert multiple-choice bubbles in Word?

To make it easy to insert these characters, select each in turn in the Insert > Symbol > More Symbols dialog and click the Shortcut button. There you can assign a keyboard shortcut for the selected symbol.