1’a bumpy road’ uneven, rough, irregular. holed, potholed, holey, rutted, pitted, rutty. lumpy, knobby, knobbly, gnarled.

What do you call an uneven road?

1’a bumpy road’ uneven, rough, irregular. holed, potholed, holey, rutted, pitted, rutty. lumpy, knobby, knobbly, gnarled.

What’s another word for bumps in the road?

What is another word for bump in the road?

backwater one-horse town
one-blink town wide place in the road
the sticks one-gas-station town
whistlestop jumping-off place
tank town backwoods

What is a straight road called?

avenue. noun. a wide straight road, especially one with trees on each side.

What is a side road called?

Sidewalk, also known as a pavement or footpath.

What does a bump in the road mean?

informal. something, usually something not very serious, that delays a process or prevents it from developing: As with any new program, there are going to be bumps in the road. This year’s disappointing scores are more like a bump in the road leading toward continued improvement.

What is the synonym of obstacles?


  • balk,
  • bar,
  • block,
  • chain,
  • clog,
  • cramp,
  • crimp,
  • deterrent,

What is a wide road called?

boulevard. noun. a wide road in a town or city, often with trees along it.

What do you call a narrow road?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for NARROW ROAD [lane]

What are the rumble strips called?

sleeper lines
Rumble strips, also known as sleeper lines, audible lines, “the corduroy”, growlers, and “woo woo” boards, are a road safety feature to alert inattentive drivers of potential danger, by causing a tactile vibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the vehicle interior.

What is the difference between hump and bump?

While similar to speed bumps, humps are less aggressive than speed bumps at low speeds. Humps are often used on streets, while bumps are used more in parking lots. While speed bumps generally slow cars to 8–16 km/h (5–10 mph), humps slow cars to 24–32 km/h (15–20 mph).

What is the synonym of distressed?

Frequently Asked Questions About distress Some common synonyms of distress are agony, misery, and suffering. While all these words mean “the state of being in great trouble,” distress implies an external and usually temporary cause of great physical or mental strain and stress.

What’s another word for trying your hardest?

synonyms for try one’s hardest

  • cope.
  • seek.
  • strive.
  • tackle.
  • toil.
  • try.
  • assay.
  • attempt.

What is the synonym of uneven?

Some common synonyms of uneven are harsh, rough, rugged, and scabrous. While all these words mean “not smooth or even,” uneven implies a lack of uniformity in height, breadth, or quality.

What is the meaning of uneven driveway?

1 not having a level or smooth surface. the driveway is uneven and collects water in several large puddles whenever it rains. Synonyms for uneven. broken, bumpy, coarse, irregular, jagged, lumpy,

Are uneven road surfaces dangerous?

“The report did say that uneven road surfaces and potholes were quite dangerous.” “Turning the corner, I walked by an old man with an uneven grin in a striped banker’s suit.” “This has resulted in a most uneven distribution of funds by the State to local health departments.”

What is the difference between the words rugged and uneven?

The words rugged and uneven are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, rugged implies irregularity or roughness of land surface and connotes difficulty of travel. When is it sensible to use scabrous instead of uneven?