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What CGM works with InPen?

Lifescan One Touch Verio® Sync. One Drop Chrome. Roche Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect. Roche Accu-Chek® Guide.

What is InPen insulin pen?

The InPen is a reusable insulin pen for people living with diabetes. It can be used to deliver insulin, help calculate insulin doses, and estimate carbohydrates for meals. Those under the age of 7 should only use the device with an adult’s supervision.

How much does the InPen cost?

InPen is covered by many insurance companies in the US, with approximately 70% of users paying $50-$60 out-of-pocket copays for the one-year device. For those without any insurance coverage, the pen’s cash price is $549. Get more details on Companion’s website.

How do I pair my dexcom InPen?


  1. Open the InPen App.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Connections.
  4. Tap Dexcom Clarity.
  5. Login to your Dexcom account.
  6. When you arrive at the confirmation screen, tap Done.

Is InPen owned by Medtronic?

Medtronic launches CGM-integrated smart insulin pen for multiple daily injections. The announcement comes a few months after Medtronic acquired the InPen device’s original maker, Companion Medical.

Is InPen covered by insurance?

InPen is covered by a majority of insurance plans. The easiest way to determine your coverage is to visit our Get InPen page and submit your information. We will then provide a no-obligation verification of your insurance benefits.

How do I know when my insulin pen is empty?

Remove the pen cap. Look at the window in the pen to make sure the liquid is clear and has no color or specks. Do not use the pen if it is not clear, has a color or specks.

How many units is an InPen cartridge?

It works with insulin aspart and insulin lispro U-100 3.0-mL cartridges. It can deliver 0.5–30.0 units in 0.5-unit increments.

What is InPen for Humalog?

The InPen is a Bluetooth-enabled ½ unit refillable insulin pen with a companion smart phone app. Except for the Bluetooth capability, the pen is pretty much a traditional metal insulin pen that accepts either Humalog or Novolog penfill cartridges. The insulin calculator and other “smart” features all reside in the app.

Does InPen work with dexcom?

As a first step in this collaboration, Dexcom and Companion Medical will enable InPen users to display long-acting and rapid-acting insulin data in the Dexcom CLARITY Diabetes Management Software. Dexcom CGM data is currently available in the Companion Medical Insights by InPen report.

Does InPen work with Apple Watch?

Companion’s InPen is a smart insulin pen paired with an integrated diabetes management app. In its latest announcement about the Apple Watch app, One Drop pointed to the rate of growth in Apple Watch users – many of whom access the smart watch’s ability for health management.

How long does an InPen last?

How long will my InPen last? The InPen requires no charging and lasts for one year of use, which begins when you pair the pen to your smartphone.