Report: These are the most polluted beaches in Massachusetts

What beaches are contaminated in Massachusetts?

Report: These are the most polluted beaches in Massachusetts

  • Nahant Bay at Eastern Avenue (Essex County), unsafe for 39 days out of 92 samples.
  • Tenean Beach (Suffolk County), unsafe for 26 days out of 94 samples.
  • Nahant Bay at Pierce Road (Essex County), unsafe for 23 days out of 92 samples.

What beaches have bacteria in Massachusetts?

Other beaches with notably high levels of fecal bacteria include Boston’s Tenean Beach and Malibu Beach; Wollaston Beach in multiple spots in Quincy; and Landing Road in Plymouth. Beaches in the state are most commonly contaminated by runoff stormwater and combined sewer overflows.

Why is Kings beach so polluted?

An environmental nonprofit recently labeled the beach the Commonwealth’s most “potentially unsafe” area for swimmers due to high levels of fecal bacteria in the water, which they attribute to both storm runoff and combined sewer overflows.

Why is Wollaston Beach so dirty?

Experts say that water flowing into the saltwater at Wollaston beach from eight storm-water outfall pipes is the main source of bacteria there, but pet waste is also a serious contributor to the contamination of both water and sand, said Bruce Berman, director of strategy and communications for Save the Harbor/Save the …

Are Massachusetts beaches safe?

Of the 556 locations examined (some beaches have more than one sampling location) in Massachusetts, the report concluded that 264 tested beaches were potentially unsafe for swimming on at least one day in 2020 and that 29 beaches were potentially unsafe on at least 25% of the days they were tested.

Is Wollaston beach safe to swim in 2021?

“Wollaston in dry weather is a good place to swim. In wet weather, it’s problematic,” said Bruce Berman, the nonprofit’s director of strategy and communication. The organization said 2020 was a relatively dry year with few big storms.

Is Wollaston beach swimming Safe 2021?

Is Lynn beach Safe?

Lynn was not alone in 2019 and the overall water quality safety rating for Boston Harbor’s regional beaches owned by the Commonwealth and managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation was 88 percent, a decline from the previous year’s score of 94 percent.

Is Lynn beach clean?

LYNN — High bacteria counts are leaking from stormwater pipes into King’s Beach in Lynn, contributing to a problem that makes it the most polluted state beach in the Boston area, according to the environmental group Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

Can you swim at Wollaston Beach?

Can you swim in Quincy beaches?

It is one of the City’s largest sandy beaches and offers swimming, benches, picnic tables, adjoining soccer fields, and playgrounds. There is parking and the M.B.T.A.

Is Cape Cod water safe to swim?

The waters around Cape Cod are not places where you can swim or surf without a fear of sharks. Great white shark sightings had become more and more common in the last few years on Cape Cod, but encounters with humans had been limited to just scary episodes and beach closures.

What is the least crowded beach in Massachusetts?

Bound Brook Island Beach, Wellfleet This beach is definitely one of the least crowded on this list. Because the journey to the beach requires a 25-minute hike through beautiful dunes and beach grass, you’re very likely to find yourself alone on the sand.

What are the best beaches in Massachusetts for kids?

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Massachusetts for kids, you should consider Crane Beach. The spacious shores have dunes where your youngsters can enjoy playing in, and gentle and shallow waters perfect to splash in.

Can you swim at the beach in Massachusetts?

With its soft white sand, the beach is perfect for a day of lounging in the sun then heading into the water to cool off. The clear water is even ideal for just dipping your feet in, if you don’t feel like swimming. It’s also the perfect spot to watch a beautiful Massachusetts sunset.

What is the best beach in Wellfleet MA?

Bound Brook Island Beach in Wellfleet, Dane Street Beach in Beverly, and Chapin Memorial Beach in Dennis are also counted among the best beaches in Massachusetts. Where can I find the bluest water in Massachusetts?