Guntur Jn Secunderabad Jn Train Schedule

What are the trains available from Guntur to Secunderabad?

Guntur Jn Secunderabad Jn Train Schedule

  • Ral Kcg Exp (17626) 00:10. GNT. 06:55.
  • Narayanadri Exp (12733) 00:30. GNT. 05:05.
  • Visakha Express (17015) 01:05. GNT. 06:25.
  • Vskp Sc Special (08579) 01:40. GNT.
  • Cct Lpi Spl (07295) 01:45. GNT.
  • Hwh Sc Suf Exp (12703) 05:00. GNT.
  • Palanadu Sf Exp (12747) 05:45. GNT.
  • Golconda Exp (17201) 06:00. GNT.

How many trains Guntur to Secunderabad?

There are 23 direct trains from Guntur Junction to Secunderabad Junction which includes 11 daily trains, 9 weekly trains, 2 biweekly trains and 1 triweekly train.

Is general seats available in trains?

In a relief to the railway passengers, the Indian Railways have restored the service of general seats under unreserved category. The railways on Monday announced the resumption of general class passenger services which were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can I check berth availability in running train?

Step 1: Enter the source and destination cities. Step 2: Enter your journey date or select from the calendar. Step 3: Click on “Search Trains”. Step 4: You will land on the page where all the trains running between the source and destination station are listed, along with the seat availability.

Where is Golconda Express now?

17202 Golconda Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
MAULA ALI (MLY) 12:42 Ontime
BHONGIR (BG) 13:14 Ontime
ALER (ALER) 13:34 Ontime

Where is Janmabhoomi Express?

The two cities are located at a distance of 689kms. The train 12806 is named as JANMABHOOMI EXP….Janmabhoomi Express -12806 ( Secunderabad Junction to Vishakapatnam )

Station name (code) Vijayawada Junction (BZA)
Arrives 13:30
Departs 13:40
Stop time 10 min
Distance travelled 339 km

What is current availability train?

Current Availability is the availability and booking of tickets after preparation of the final chart, which is done 3 hours to 12 hours before the departure (depending on the actual time of departure).

Where is satavahana train now?

12713 VIJAYAWADA – SECUNDERABAD Satavahana SF Exp Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
Kesamudram (KDM) 09:13 Departed at 09:16
Warangal (WL) 09:54 Departed at 09:56
Kazipet Jn (KZJ) 10:17 10:19
Secunderabad Jn (SC) 12:13 18 min Delay

Where is my train 07201?

17201Running Status

Station Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled Departure Status Actual/Scheduled
Mangalagiri 20 km 06:30 06:23 06:31 06:24
Vijayawada Jn 31 km 06:58 06:45 07:16 06:50
Kondapalli 46 km 07:38 07:19 07:40 07:20
Errupalem 70 km 08:05 07:45 08:26 07:47

What is the time of Janmabhoomi Express?

The train 12806 is named as JANMABHOOMI EXP. It leaves Hyderabad at 07:10 on day 1 and reaches Vishakhapatnam at 19:40 on day 1.It takes 12 hrs 30 mins to reach from its source to the destination.

What are the trains that run from Guntur to Secunderabad?

Some trains like Hyderabad EXP, Visakha Express, Falaknuma EXP, Palnadu EXP, Golconda EXP and more run directly between Guntur Jn and Secunderabad Jn. There is a high likelihood of a train passing through Khammam, Vijayawada Jn and Warangal stations, as these are the most common stations along this route.

How to get from Guntur to Hyderabad?

guntur to hyderabad Trains Route Details Number of Trains from guntur to hyderaba 17 Trains Distance from guntur to hyderabad By Tra 281 Km Fastest Train from guntur to hyderabad : SC VSKP SPL (02204) Slowest Train from guntur to hyderabad : KCG GNT SPL (07252)

How can I get information about sub-urban trains in India?

To get information of sub-urban trains, perform search just like you do in case of other trains. is a private site and has no connection or affiliation with Indian Railways, Government of India or Government Railway sites in any way.