Steeljaw is an Autobot Mini-Cassette from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Is Steeljaw a Decepticon or Autobot?

Steeljaw is a Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise portion of the Aligned continuity family.

Is Steeljaw an Autobot?

Steeljaw is an Autobot Mini-Cassette from the Generation 1 continuity family.

What happened to Steeljaw after robots in disguise?

Minitron inadvertently led the Autobots to their base. Following the inevitable battle, Steeljaw escaped with the stasis pod and reactivated Underbite, inducting him into the gang but abandoned Minitron to the Autobots. The growing force eventually set up shop in an abandoned steel mill.

What animal is Steeljaw?

Last Appearance. Steeljaws are wolf-like creatures used by Lockdown to hunt down intruders and prey that venture into his ship.

Who is the wolf transformer?

My, what big teeth I haveā€”on my hand! Snarl (aka Fangwolf) is a Jungle Planet native loyal to his combat teacher; the wise old warrior Backstop. Skilled, cunning and highly courageous, Snarl leads the Jungle Planet natives loyal to the Autobots.

Who is leadfoot transformers?

Leadfoot (also Target/Bricky) was a tubby Autobot who was part of the Wreckers. He was another Autobot who was killed by Cemetery Wind.

What animal is Ravage?

Ravage is a cat, Rumble is Red (except when he’s Blue) and Laserbeak always had a cassette mode (even on Cybertron). What kind of jet is Megatron?

Who is Steeljaw?

The silver-tongued Steeljaw is everything certain schemers wish they could be. A revolutionary on Cybertron, his aims have turned to taking over Earth and turning it into a homeworld for Decepticons… under his benevolent guiding paw, of course.

What happened to Steeljaw in Transformers?

Steeljaw was responsible for instigating rebellion and criminal use of subsonics, which eventually got him imprisoned aboard the Alchemor . Steeljaw was freed with the other Decepticon prisoners when the Alchemor crashed on Earth. Steeljaw made an appearance in Trust Exercises where he watched as Bumblebee and his team transform away.

Is Steeljaw in Bumblebee’s night off?

” Bumblebee’s Night Off ” (mentioned by Springload) Steeljaw has the unique honor of being the first main antagonist in an American Transformers series who isn’t Megatron/Galvatron, as the latter decided to reform in the prequel. Although, he acts like Megatron due to his intentions of ruling Earth with his fellow Decepticon prisoners.

How did Steeljaw find Daniel Witwicky?

In the year 2006, Steeljaw was summoned by Rodimus Prime to help track down Daniel Witwicky, after he vanished from a dignitary’s party on Cybertron. Steeljaw tracked the boy and Grimlock to an old abandoned corridor and a hidden chamber, where the Quintessons had once exiled their unwanteds into other dimensions.