“It is a very safe suburb, it is very community orientated and it is very family orientated.” Ms Hoen says Karori’s best buy offers a spacious family home surrounded by bush, but within walking distance to Karori Mall.

Is Karori a good suburb?

“It is a very safe suburb, it is very community orientated and it is very family orientated.” Ms Hoen says Karori’s best buy offers a spacious family home surrounded by bush, but within walking distance to Karori Mall.

Is Karori the largest suburb in New Zealand?

Karori is a suburb located at the western edge of the urban area of Wellington, New Zealand, 4 km from the city centre and is one of New Zealand’s most populous suburbs, with a population of 15,660 in June 2021….

City Wellington City
Electoral ward Wharangi/Onslow-Western
Established 1840

Who owns Karori Mall?

The new owner of Karori Mall is remaining tight-lipped on whether it will kick out the rival supermarket. On Wednesday, Foodstuffs, which owns New World and Pak ‘n Save, confirmed it bought the mall in September for $22 million – seven times more than the former owners paid for it.

What is Karori in history?

Situated in a basin, Karori (which means ‘the rope of bird snares’) was renowned for its birdlife. Europeans settled there in the 1840s. In 1854 it became the site of Wellington’s Lunatic Asylum.

How high is Karori above sea level?


Latitude in decimal degrees: -41.28333
Longitude in decimal degrees: 174.73333
Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 41° 17′ 60″ South
Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 174° 44′ 60″ East
Height above sea level: 176 m, 577.43 ft, 6929.14 in

What is the richest suburb in Wellington?

The most expensive suburb in Wellington is Seatoun, which has a median house value of $2,112,000 and is located in Wellington City district.

What is Karori postcode?

NZ Post Centre Karori North – Marsden Books, 159 Karori Road, Karori, Wellington 6012.

What was Karori experiment and why was it initiated?

Karori / Crori System was introduced by Raja Todar Mal under Mughal Emperor Akbar. All the Parganas and fiscal unions of the nation were to be measured and every piece of land which produced revenue worth 1 crore was to be placed under the officer known as Crori.

What is the average house price in Lower Hutt?

Upper Hutt’s average value was $871,942, Lower Hutt’s average was $922,578, Porirua, $932,837 and Kāpiti Coast, $910, 925. The four areas saw a percentage increase over a 12-month period ending in July ranging between 33.9 per cent and 35.2 per cent.

Where is the best place to live in Wellington NZ?

What are the Best Suburbs in Wellington?

  • Te Aro. An inner-city suburb, Te Aro is one pocket of Wellington that simply oozes cool.
  • Miramar. Miramar is one of Wellington’s best beachside suburbs.
  • Newtown. One of the up-and-coming trendy areas of Welly is Newtown.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Mount Cook.

What was the Zabti system?

“Zabti system” is a land revenue system framed during the Mughal period. This system mainly included the cultivated yields and pricing of the individual crops. Zabti system is also known as the dahsala system in the Mughal Empire that can help in the measurement of the landing system.

What was Kankut system?

Kankut System is a type of Akbar’s land revenue system in the Mughal Era . It was an old prelevant method in which instead of dividing the grains an estimate was made on the basis of actual inspection on the spot and one – third of the estimate produce was fixed as the state demand and revenue was decided accordingly.

What is the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary?

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary An ecological restoration project in a beautiful valley set around the Karori Reservoir (250 acres). The sanctuary was opened in 2000, and provides a pest free habitat for New Zealand’s wildlife. It offers relaxing walks in the city.

Where is Karori kindergarten located?

ABOVE: Paula, Phoebe, Chloe (HT), Paula. Karori Kindergarten is located at the foot of Wrights Hill, near the end of Campbell St. We are a smaller kindergarten with four fully qualified teachers and up to 30 children in each session.

When was the Karori reservoir built?

The Karori Reservoir was completed in 1873, damming the upper Kaiwharawhara stream, to provide Wellington’s first water supply. A second dam was built in 1908-1911. The dams no longer provide drinking water after being decommissioned in 1992.

When did Karori become part of Wellington?

In 1891 Karori separated from the Hutt County Council and became a separate borough until 1920 where it was amalgamated into the Wellington City Council. Appleton Park was originally the lower part of the Kaiwharawhara stream. It was filled up in 1885, to become the site of the city dump.