Brand IIM ABC is definitely stronger than brand FMS or brand XLRI.

Is FMS tougher than IIM?

Brand IIM ABC is definitely stronger than brand FMS or brand XLRI.

Why is IIM better than FMS?

Both the institutes have ace quality and highly experienced faculty. However, academic rigor is greater in the IIMs and experiential learning is more favoured in FMS Delhi.

Do people choose FMS over IIM?

So, if you are interested in making a career in finance, general management, operations or product management, then FMS is equally a good choice. As per its placement reports, as much as ten per cent of its batch gets consulting and front end IB roles every year.

Is FMS better than IIM L?

FMS has various choices of roles on offer. On the other hand, IIM Lucknow has better consulting placements owing to the consulting companies inclined towards favoring the IIM brand. For finance, both the colleges are on the same level. IIM L has a slight advantage but it is balanced by the huge batch size.

Who gets highest package in FMS?

FMS Delhi final placement 2022 witnessed highest salary offer of INR 58 LPA and an average salary offer of INR 32.40 LPA….

FMS Delhi 2022 Placement Highlights
Highest salary offered INR 58 LPA
Average salary offered INR 32.4 LPA
Median Salary Offered INR 30 LPA
Average salary offered to top quartile students INR 48.4 LPA

Why are FMS fees so low?

The main reason why FMS charges low fee is that it is funded by the Govt. and Delhi University(DU). Hence, it can devise a fee structure which is socially accepted and convenient for all.

Which is better IIM L or XLRI?

XLRI is the elderly MBA institute, while IIM L is among the top 20 IIMs in the country. Both the institutes are excellent, but XLRI is still the better choice….Between IIM L and XLRI, which is better?

Categories XLRI IIM Lucknow
Highest CTC 60 LPA 54 LPA
Average CTC 23-25 LPA 24 LPA

Is MDI better than IIM K?

Hence, on average, a company rolled out more offers at MDI Gurgaon as compared to IIM Indore….Final Placements.

Parameter MDI Gurgaon IIM Indore
Highest CTC INR 40.79 LPA INR 40.5 LPA
Average CTC INR 20.13 LPA INR 20.79 LPA
Median CTC INR 19.82 LPA INR 19.4 LPA
Number of companies 106 200

Is FMS good for HR?

FMS as such is not good for HR program. Even though you can learn through the electives, you won’t get a sufficient number of opportunities in HR function during placements.

Does FMS have 100% placement?

FMS Delhi experienced 100% success in the placement process in 2021 placements. All the 214 students participating in the placement drive got placed.

Does FMS have hostel?

V. K. R. V. Rao Hostel, University of Delhi-110007 (60 seats for FMS). The Provost, Gwyer Hall, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007.

What is FMS Delhi famous for?

FMS Delhi is the pioneer institute in India to provide management training with a practical approach, so students would get to know how to apply them in the real world.

How is the fee structure of FMS Delhi compared to IIMs?

The fee structure of FMS Delhi is very low as the fees charged by IIMs, i.e. approximately 65,690 INR for the two years of the flagship MBA programme. Therefore, FMS Delhi has an upper hand compared to the IIMs due to a moderate fee structure. Both IIMs and FMS have their own brand value which they have built over the years.

What is the difference between IIM ABC and FMS?

While the total fee for IIM ABC is as high as Rs 10 lakhs per year, it is merely Rs 10 thousand for FMS. The reason is that the latter comes under University of Delhi which is a central university. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that FMS offers a far better ROI as compared to any other premium B-school.

What are the advantages of FMS over IIM?

In monetary terms, FMS gives a head-start of 20 Lakhs which might help an FMSite get their first car/home before their IIM A/B/C counterparts but 6–7 years down the line, when the basic needs are fulfilled (Kapda, gaadi, makaan) then the huge IIM alumini network and global brand might be an advantage.

Which college should I Choose FMS or IIM or FMS?

Anyone of those is a college of dreams. Fortunately if you get admission from those all three, then you may choose FMS undoubtedly if you want, as fee is very very low compared to that of IIM.